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The Power Crisis..

Hi  everyone.. I was in school I had learned that spring is the king of all the seasons . The king is here and the world around us should be beautiful, full of colours, butterflies and bumble bees.. Sounds like a fairy tale isn't it.

The earth is different now than it was years back then. Today we are suffering from hottest of sumers and the days coming will be hotter. Summer is the favourite season for power cuts as the demand supply ratio is in imbalance.

Yesterday I was passing through a temple on my way to home . It was shining brightly.. With all those series and halogens and the tube light of my mind too blinked. I gave it a closer look and found the connection was illegaly tken froma street light. I have seen similar cases in past. The connections are illegal but no action is ever taken against them.

There is one more thing I will like to tell you I have lived in an area where an MLA used to live. I had not experienced power cut during my stay at that place for around 1 year expect for short term faults.

This is how it is , only a common man has to pay for any thing that goes in a soceity. We pay for such things in terms of long power cuts and suffer a lot because some others are misusing the power.

Can we do anything against it??

Note- Right now there is no power and I am feeling as if I am sitting in an oven..