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I FATi (Fighting Against Thyroid Issues)

Everytime I upload a new picture on Facebook there is someone saying “you have gained weight” or “you have lost weight”… mostly the former. It is very disturbing and the person making that comment hardly realises how difficult it is..

So after years of yoga, a very flexible body.. kms and kms of walking and balanced diet.. running.. gyming and what not, there is a point when you feel helpless.. because clearly NOTHING is working.

I have always wondered about the weirdness of my metabolism.. I lose weight on its own and gain it anytime.. I hardly have a control of it! I was living in darkness till one day doc told me to get my thyroid checked and there you go.. High TSH.. So now I know the reason for my dry skin, back pain, constant tiredness and swelled eyes and most importantly my weight fluctuations.

Let me tell you something.. This thing can be controlled and in my upcoming posts I will surely tell you how is my medication and controlled lifestyle working out for me but for now I wanna share something really important.

Weight doesn’t define a person and “moti”, “fatso” aren’t really the words anyone..anyone should be using…because no matter how light they are for others.. the people who suffer know how it hurts.
Don’t be arrogant, be understanding!

For everyone else who also suffers from high or low TSH please share your experiences… More on lifestyle and medication in next post!