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How to root Samsung galaxy y

Hello world!!
Finally we successfully made our fist video!
If your Samsung Galaxy Y has super less space you can root it and get some more space to install other stuff!

Here we go!!

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OMG! Am I pregnant and other such things

Sex is pleasure and it can be a pain in ass if done wrong (pun intended J )! Din’t your momma tell you a thing or two about it?

Being Indian I’m sure your answer would be “No”!

But lemme tell you something..Google that shit….

Many of the girls are shy of buying sanitary pads, bras and condoms in public… Many of the local vendors hide these things in a black plastic bag and then hand it over… ah that ain’t no hash man.. It’s just a part of being a woman.

Common query somewhere was… I had my periods then I had “relationship” with my has been a month periods are not back..I’m scared!

First: Dahlin, you din’t have relationship.. you had sex..
Second: Have you ever heard of protection??
Third: Emergency contraceptives???

If you were fine with it, were ashamed of buying this happily available stuff then do you have right to cry and complain?

Be ashamed of being wrong, be ashamed when you lie, be ashamed if you don’t even try before you quit.

Don’t be ashamed of your body, the biology and the fact that men and women were designed this way and there is absolutely nothing wrong (morally too) in doing what you feel is RIGHT J

What do you think?

Cheers to beautiful life!