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I Quit!

I know this title sounds very negative. But sometimes that is how we feel. Well I am not sharing my life here right now but yes I will show a different side of me here.
All the friends who know me know that I laugh like some mad 4 year old English boy and I don't even think before singing anywhere I am. I love to be photographed and I love so many people around me. But is that all I am?
Anyways how does that matter.. As I said we are not going discuss about me.
'I Quit' comes only when you have tried hard and have been through a lot something which only you can understand and trust me NO ONE IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO UNDERSTAND that.
When a person quits he becomes a quitter, a looser. 


Soon to be 24 and few things I know for sure

Soon to be 24 means 2 days to go and I will be a year older. We spend our lives understanding ourselves along with understanding the world. We understand somethings very early while others take time and still no one knows if a person is able to understand herself completely before reaching the final destination.

So far I have understood a few definite things about me.

1. I dislike people who make chewing noise while they eat.
2. I hate people who pass comments on some one's dressing or come and give unsolicited advice (Except the people from what not to wear)
3. I love dancing and it takes me to trance.
4. I keep on thinking about something or the other while I am walking and so I look kind of lost.

Well, the list will go on and on... But this blog is intended to be mostly about appearance.

As a kid, my parents never advised me about dressing up. I used to wear whatever I liked. I watched too many shows and had understood the concept of dress for the occasion. (To add to it I had got a lecture about dress for the occasion from my brother while I was in 6th standard)

The point is I am ME and I CANNOT dress for you and if there is anyone I can dress for it is just ME :)

I love all kinds of clothes and as we say dress according to the occasion, place and time I believe in wearing a swimwear to the beach (No I am not talking about Porbandar read it as GOA or some awesome beaches where one can actually swim). I will wear a saree on Diwali, Holi Puja and other such festivals, Chania choli for Navratri and sangeets in weddings, Capri/shorts/shirts on normal days and jeans/formals whatever is the dress code at work. Yes I missed Salwar kameez, it depends on mood, I will wear it when I feel like. But I will like to do all this according to my wish and not because I am told to.

For guys it is simple and they do not have much to think while they dress. But trust me guys it means a world to girls and stopping them from expressing themselves is not fair. I believe not many girls nag about their guy's clothes.

Anyway, I have understood that I am a rebel if you order me to do something. I will do the complete opposite in some cases and might be not in others. The bottom line is if this is my life let me live it my way because I won't let you live it your way.

Here is the song I danced on this morning. Enjoy !!


Soon to be 24 & this is all I know about me

A person has so many personalities inside herself. Most of the people either eventually discover which one is dominating or they force themselves to fit into one. But there are third kind of people who are confused. 

I have heard many people saying that they do not have a dark side. I really do not know, I really do not understand and I really do not believe in this. I have known myself for 21 years (I do not remember much of the first 2 years of my life) and still I do not know what is my personality.

I have seen goths only on tv, I have seen some crazy pierced and tattooed people and I have seen some bubbly, charming talkative people. Then there are some competitive ones, some who talk less , some who are lost in their own world and some big time gossipers. I am sure many of you will easily classify yourself in one of these categories or may be you would be sure of your type.

I on the other side think I have many types of personalities in me and all are dominating at different point of time. I love to be Goth, the makeup the music and the calmness that they have. There was a point of time when I had only black and grey clothes. But then with time I felt more colourful. I started liking PINK! I could not believe it. Then I discovered that though I was very talkative, I loved to be quite and a 9 day of silence proved it. I love non-violence but still there are people I have hit (with reasons of course) and well, I am a hard hitter.

So I believe my journey to find myself is still on. I hope one day I will find myself. In the end I just want to know is it just me or you too are in search of yourself?? 


Life is short

It was Valentine's night, yes the day was over. A newly 'formed' couple went out to a nice little place to have Chinese. It was there first date. The guy asked his lady, "What will you like to have?". She replied, "Schezwan noodles". She has a concept in mind about eating out. If two people went out they will order two things and then share it or may be sometimes three things too. She thought this is the Indian way of thinking. To her surprise the guy ordered TWO Schezwan noodles. This was THE END. She was sure the relationship would not go on for more than a couple of such dates. Dinner was done and they went to there own ways.

At some other fast-food joint was another newly 'formed' couple. They probably shared pizza, burgers and coke. The girl kissed the guy good bye and they went to there ways.

Both the girls met right outside there flat smiling at each other. The time was 11:30. They probably expected more from their dates. More of understanding, more similarity and more appreciation. 

PS : The first girl had specially bought an nice red shirt for this day and the guy laughed at her saying "I really do not understand why do people wear red on this day!". The second girl was looking stunning in a nicely fitted black dress and the guy said "Do you want to show you are single by wearing black today?"

So as they looked at each other they understood each other. Being in a DRY STATE they had just one option : Go out and enjoy some tea. As they went to the tea shop they saw two of their friends there. Both the guys greeted the girls warmly with two compliments they had been longing to hear : "You look like a princess in that red dress!" and "That black dress is stunning!" All four of them had tea and it was 12:00 at night. They shared puffs, maska bun and Parle G. The smile was back on the girls face. 

Even though the smile was back because of the other guys the girls never tried to TELL what they wanted from the relationship of their boyfriends (now ex) and the guys never tried to UNDERSTAND what the girls wanted.  

When you do not have a date you understand the importance of company. So next time when you see your date in an awesome dress compliment her, make her smile and let her talk. And girls give time and tell the guy what you EXACTLY want because guys do not read between the lines. 

Life is short. Live it , know it while you still have it.

Cheers to beautiful life.


Har ek friend zaroori hota hai

The latest buzz in market ..oops I should not say 'market'.. in our heart, soul and mind is the jingle created by airtel.. Jaise har ek friend zaroori hota hai..

Why has it caught attention of millions? Isn't it simple : they have targeted the right emotions, every friend will love to dedicate this to his/her friend.

While I was thinking of writing this post tears were rolling down my eyes. All of my friends and the time spend with them was flashing right before my eyes.

But today I am not so happy about the friends I DO NOT have around me. I DO NOT have them around me for some or the other reasons. Some got married and some went abroad. Some stopped talking for some reasons and I do not know about some others. But thanks to various mediums I am still in touch with them. Today when I left my office the only thought in my mind was "I wish I had a friend to whom I could say PLEASE DROP ME HOME TODAY, I AM NOT WELL" But well , I do not have one.

Do you have a friend whom you can call at the middle of night and say how are you feeling? Do you have a friend for every occasion? If you truly do, you are lucky! Thank God for giving you such a precious gift.

I am thankful to Him for giving me all the precious jewels who are reading this!

I have lost to say, but perhaps not today.

Har ek friend zaroori hai yaar. Let the light of friendship shine.

Cheers to beautiful life which would have been colourless without friends!  


Self entitlement : a poem

You think you deserve it all

You think you will never fall

You work a bit and talk a lot

You never give yourself a second thought

You want a promotion

But your works deserves demotion

For the number of coffees you have per day

I bet you would be bankrupt by now if you bought them your way

So leave that thought and work for your goal

Please your heart and please your soul

That is the only way to progress and be happy forever

Change things now or they will never


Sense of entitlement

There are few things we always take for granted. We expect our boss to love and respect us and we expect the same from our peers. We expect our boss not to be bossy. We do a little on our part and expect to get promotion for the same. These expectations are called sense of entitlement.

Why is it bad ?

Boss can be bossy at times because after all he is your boss. Not all the peers will like you because at work you are more of a competitor than friends. A little work will not get you a huge hike or a promotion because you are expected to do more. When all these things do not fit into the place you will surely be angry or disappointed. This anger or disappointment will be bad.

What do we need to to understand ?

1.Colleagues will never really appreciate two things :

a. Your long leaves

b. Your success or luck

2.Boss will never reward you for your little contribution, he might not even notice it.

3.Your perception will define your success.

Still feel you are entitled to something, think again. 

Your not entitled to anything, you have to earn it.


The grass on the other side

We always look at others and the feeling of jealousy comes in us. We want what others have. We want to be where others are. Why aren't we happy for our-selves? Isn't it the simplest way of being happy?

An electric pole was standing in sun and the tree told him , "hey! you, I pity you.. You have to stand there in the sun and no one praises you nor does anyone want to stand under you.. look at me. people stand under me when they want some relief from those harsh sun rays.. he .. he.."

The pole did not think how important was it and how it gave electricity to houses and thus the fans worked.. He started feeling bad.. this bad feeling made him weak and he fell down.. This lead to power drip in so many houses but the pole was just unaware about it.. It died without understanding its worth just because it took to heart what the tree said and what he saw.. and the fans in so many houses stopped for a long time.. To add to this a new pole had to be built at the same place, because it was necessary..

I hope I do not need to explain the story..

PS : Story is my intellectual property , but I would be happy if anyone wants to reuse it somewhere..


In an abusive relationship and out ...

It is about getting out of what you don’t like and do what you love…

He shouted at me. He made me pull my hair and cry. He had never ever let me sit idol for a moment. He monitored me right from the start to the end of my work and criticized it as badly as he could. I almost forgot that I am a human, that I have a life.
I woke u without a smile and I slept without one.

But one day I could not take it anymore. I shouted in my mind ‘ I QUIT!! ‘ It was too loud that he could sense it. I had to tell him the reason and had to find another place for myself but I knew this time I wont make a mistake. I promised myself I will do all its takes to make myself happy, to feel good.
It was perhaps my mistake, I should have listened to my heart than my mind. I should have choosen what I loved. But correcting a mistake is also better than just hanging to it.

Finally I left.. I left my company which was never mine.. the boss who expected me to do what I wasn’t good at.. the place which never seemed to be mine.. the work which I could never do.. I knew I din’t have a natural flair for it.. I understood I was made for something different and it was important to figure out what it was than doing something I could hardly do..

Doing the things which you are not naturally good at makes your input – output ratio low.. It creates difficulties , tension, stress and bad mental health.. It leads to sleppless nights and overload of work.. Against it today I am happily doing what I always loved and it takes me less than the assinged time to do my work and my creativity helps me big time..

Finally I am a happy person and evryone should be. We should always understand and identify our calling, because that is the key to ultimate happiness.


The Power Crisis..

Hi everyone...

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash

When I was in school I had learned that spring is the king of all the seasons. The king is here and the world around us should be beautiful, full of colours, butterflies and bumble bees... Sounds like a fairy tale isn't it.

The earth is different now than it was years back then. Today we are suffering from the hottest of summers and the days coming will be hotter. Summer is the favourite season for power cuts as the demand-supply ratio is an imbalance.

Yesterday I was passing through a temple on my way home. It was shining brightly... With all those series and halogens and the tube light of my mind too blinked. I gave it a closer look and found the connection was illegally taken from a street light. I have seen similar cases in the past. The connections are illegal but no action is ever taken against them.

There is one more thing I will like to tell you I have lived in an area where an MLA used to live. I had not experienced power cut during my stay at that place for around 1 year except for short-term faults.

This is how it is, only a common man has to pay for anything that goes in a society. We pay for such things in terms of long power cuts and suffer a lot because some others are misusing the power.

Can we do anything about it??

Note- Right now there is no power and I am feeling as if I am sitting in an oven...