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I can really use a wish right now

Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

A new post after a long time!!
So how have you been?
Lately I find myself using a phrase a lot.. “How I wish”.. Oh yes.. only if wishes came so say.. but they don’t and still we “wish”.. We live by hope and faith and without these two magical words life will lose its meaning! Won’t it?

When you say you wish, think deeper.. do you really? If you do, rise and plan to achieve what you wish for because that is how this “I wish” takes a new shape of “I will” and then “I will” into “I have” J and if you cannot dare to do that quit saying “I wish” because no one on the earth comes turn your wishes into reality J

I stand at the horizon of wordlessness
With a shoe-box full of wishes in words abstract
Feelings I have can’t be expressed
I know not my path but I hope
I know not my path but I have faith
I know not if they will come true but I will work
I know not if I would be through but I know it’s worth
If I don’t work today tomorrow I might regret
Regrets that might be deep, the one’s I won’t ever forget
I have time, it’s not late I know I can shine bright
I will turn my wishes into reality and show how I did the things right!

Till then I have only one thing to say!

"Dear dandelions, eye lashes and shooting stars; please do your job well" J

Don't say "I wish" say "I will" and do it! - Sam

iWish, no there is no app for it you need to do it on your own! - Sam

Some people want it to happen.. Some people wish it would happen..and some make it happen..!!! - 

One Bad wish for someone costs your thousands Blessings - 

My latest favourite song on wish :)

 Cheers to beautiful life!! 
May your wishes come true! <3