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Karma returns

Actions have power of making someone
All good things are washed away with just on bad

When what you have you value not
After a while about you no one gives a thought

You are gifted with beauty around you to admire
Its all yours and with all this you have to build your empire

Do things right because your actions matter
Don't do things about which you might regret later

Deeds of today will bring result tomorrow
If done wrong they will bring just sorrow

Now is the time to do things right
Things done today might save tomorrow's fight

Karma return, what you sow you reap
If you deliberately do wrongs you will be in trouble deep.

                                                        Cheers to beautiful life!!


5 People who made me love twitter

I am relatively new on twitter. Though I had created my account in 2009, I actually started using it about 2 months back. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, I was told to explore twitter for social media marketing by my CEO.
When I came in I was looking for methods of gaining followers and promoting a brand but it took me very less amount of time to understand that is not how twitter works. Its never about gaining followers, it is about connecting to people, reading and understanding, sharing and thus growing as a person.

At first the only people I followed on twitter were the ones I knew from college or school and I discovered they were not so active. No one ever re-tweeted or even mentioned and so it felt like I was talking to the still air (oh yes because even wind makes some noise).

Then I started following . I know him through a small professional network site I work for He is one of the best contributor to the site and brings smiles to the face of fellow professionals along with sharing knowledge. This guy re-tweeted, favorites and gave mentions. He re-tweeted stuff shared by  so frequently that I became her fan(Yes fan is the word) and so I followed her.

If you follow  religiously you will find so many tips about using social media, links to so many awesome blogs and lots of inspiration as well as pinspiration. When I saw the number of people following her I was surprised at first but then if you follow her you just know why is that number so high.

I was virtually introduced to  in one such link by AnnTran along with a few others. In Twitter powerhouses series  he writes about fellow tweeps (everyone mentioned in the series is a source of inspiration so you can follow them if you feel like). It shows how a person has taken time out to understand people he met in the virtual world of twitter and how he managed to connect with everyone. 

Along with that I started using # tag and tweeted about the on going trends and there I met . He is the first person out of my friend circle or people I know who followed me first and I followed back. (Otherwise it was mostly me following people and some of them following back)A rocking guy I must say. He like me feels like he is talking in air when he does not get mentions. Same pinch !!  rocks for his courteous behavior, willingness to reply tweets and enthusiasm he shows when we share stuff with him. 

Through  I met @Arpitaappu who again is a fun loving girl and is in same profession as me . She writes wonderful poems and tries to connect with everyone by mentioning them. Three of us always have a nice time having a little chit chat almost every day which is very refreshing. I see this friendship going a long way. As we stay in the same city we might plan to meet up and have some good time soon. (See its not just virtual you can meet your twitter friends if you want to)

In short when I had joined twitter for the first time I knew nothing about this little universe inside my computer and it bored me but when I came back I met so many interesting people who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and help people around them . These are the people who have made me feel good, who have exposed me to so many good blogs, links and those awesome breath-taking pictures. I am thankful to you all for being there to make me realize that I am not talking in air and I should stay and enjoy twitter:)
Of course there are many more of them out there.. I would love to introduce them in my next blog. Till then cheers to beautiful life.


I met  @Arpitaappu  and @In_theBRAT and it was amazing :) 


Better half is detachable for a reason

I believe there is nothing called small town mentality. Its all within you and your thoughts define you better than the place you live, the city you belong or the country you are from. I have noticed that there is typical behavioral pattern of couples which leads them to a path of destroying each other's individual existence.

Sacrifice: Ah the word which makes some people jump off the seat shouting 'its my life I wont ever sacrifice' and then making others do it. There is no way in which a lot of sacrifices can make a beautiful and strong relationship. But when I say don't expect a guy to leave all his friends for you and don't do the same thing yourself half of you will agree that this really does not happen. Some people are not even comfortable with the thought of spouse-not-sacrificing. If you are one of them you are never going to be happy. When you give space you get space. Or if that is not good enough five double the space you will get back at least half and while you do that understand you are giving space at your will and you would not brag on how hard it was for you to do so. Do what makes you feel happy.

Love you conditionally : There are many couple who follow this statement. You should wear this you should do that, you should come with me etc. The one who puts forth the conditions will feel bad one day and the one who keeps on obeying the rules will explode one day and the end would be really horrible. Be clear in you mind about what you want and can you get that or not. Don't let the conditions suck away all the nectar from the relationship.

Always remember there are more people in this world except you two. Life will be monotonous if you do not go out with your friends, if you do not spend some time without each other and drag each other into every thing you do.

Understand if you can watch your favorite shows your better-half can too. If you have friends your spouse will have too. If you socialize with colleagues the other-half will. No one can stop no one from using social networks and no one can stop no one from attending solo-functions. If you do not understand this you might never taste the sweetness of life fully.

First love yourself , be happy with yourself and set your love free. This will make you the #happy bird...

Better half is detachable for a reason:)



When you are walking tall 
Suddenly have a broken sole
You don't need to limp
You don't need to stop
Just be natural , take the shoes in hand..
Walk with bare feet
Take a feel of land..

Then smile and smile and feel the light
Then smile and smile and feel you are the light

When you have a date
And you realise you are dumped
Don't feel bad or cry
There is always a table for one
Date with yourself
Pamper your inner self..
There is lot of beauty and shine..
Just look into your heart 
and get that feeling divine..

Then smile and smile and feel the light
Then smile and smile and feel you are the light

When your heartbroken
When things just don't go right
Feel the rhythm in it
Tap your feet and feel alive
There is no Power in the world:
More powerful than you..
When you will realise this
Your life will take turn new..

Then smile and smile and feel the light
Then smile and smile and feel you are the light 

So Smile and smile and feel the light
So smile and smile and feel alright
so smile and smile and spread that smile..
So smile and smile and you will become that light
The light which will makes others day bright..



The girl-boy thing


I know I have not posted anything since a long long time but any excuse is not going to be good. I was lazy and now once again I am here to share something.

Relationships are complicated and I know no one can understand them completely but who said we actually need to understand them?

I am a life coach but that does not mean I will be guiding you on 'How to have a successful girl-boy relationship'

Oh yes I said 'girl-boy' and not a love affair..

Many might think I am writing from my experience but you will never know;)

Just Friends : A famous Hindi movie dialogue goes 'Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte' (A guy and a girl can never be just friends) and even though we ignore this almost every time one of the two tends to cross the line.

What to do when this happens: Things may or may not be the same once this has happened but still ask yourself these questions..

1) Can there be really something between us?
2) Should I give it a shot?

You might think this is an insane advise but duh you should really consider because there is a spark and life is about taking chances. It might not work but then everyone is going to move on.

Now if your answer to both these question is NO. Don't worry you have been wise and you know what is right for you. Now if the other person still wants to be your friend try to be 'you' and things will be fine.

What is you are the one who likes his/her friend?!!!!

Okay Okay so there is a possibility of this too and hell don't feel as if you are screwed... Let that person read my blog and ask him/her to consider the part one of this post:P Okay again kidding.. but you may still take a shot:))

Ah, so now it is you who likes someone and that someone happens to be you buddy.

Now lets consider you have not expressed the feelings.

In this case its going to be simple. Just wait and things will fall into right place.

If you have blabbered what you feel..its going to be awkward.. for both of you.

Now all you can do is answer the following questions:

!) Am I satisfied that I told him/her and now I know the fact and I can move on?
2) Can we be just friends?

If your answer is yes good you just need some time.. If your answer is no then WAKE-UP or just shoot me a mail with your problem!!

There is nothing wrong in falling in love with a friend... there is nothing wrong in falling in love and there is nothing wrong in falling in love again and again...

Its all normal...

The most important thing is to love yourself and be faithful to your heart...


Cheers to beautiful life