A lot and a lot more ;)


Still. Blank.

I’m done with the unspoken,
I’ve nothing to share,
I don’t know if it’s even there!
I am not acting, I truly am blank.
There is nothing inside & I am being frank.

Emptiness? What is it?
These are just words…
There meanings are lost…

Love? I know not..
Is it some kind of thought?

Care I know..
Care I do…
Care I believe in..
Care is something true…

Still. Blank.


Word-Up by BigRock: My biased opinion (The indiblogger thing)

After destroying myself on Thursday night (Read drunk and sleep deprived) I did not manage to sleep early on Friday night as well. I knew I had to be at #WordUp by indiblogger, the BigRock thing. Anyways I managed to get up at 6 on that saturday morning (that is a BIG thing, trust me)!
I look happy not sleep deprived :P PC: TheDevEffect

I had gone through the agenda and I exactly knew why was I going to the meet. Yes exactly to meet Tanya, Pallavi, Michelle and BlogwatiG :D and of course Sherry Shroff *starry eyes* and the cute ShoutMeLoud guy *blushes*.
Michelle, Pallavi and Me at the Selfie Point :)
With the beautiful Sherry Shroff!

I had memorised my train routes and yes I made it on time. Even though they had preponed it to 9am instead of 11. Blue frog it was!
Neela Mendak it is :)

The moment I entered I spotted the lovely girls I was planning to meet. Next thing I know we found ourselves fan-girling Sherry :P It was fun because she is a chatterbox and super down to earth types.

What else did I find interesting?

  1. Chai: Well that was one of the most interesting things.
  2. The Performance: Nihal, Anoop and the masked guy with that lady on drum gave an awesommmmmme performance. 
  3. Amit Agrawal: Well this man stole my heart with some real good tips. It was bonus because I did not even come here for him :) 
  4. Medimix advice: So I’ve been having skin eruptions and real issues and Sherry suggested Medimix! I am a lot better now!
  5. The dedication to finish it off on time: So it started a little late. Sessions were lagging significantly and I had to reach home at 7 because I wanted to leave for a short night-out trip at 8. I made it on time.
  6. F-O-O-D!

The whole thing was awesome! All indiblogger meets rock, okay? I did learn quite a few things and many people won many different things. My table-mates Pallavi - The Indian Rapunzel aka theDesiGirl and BlogwatiG won Moto G2 and MotoX (How cool is that!!). I got to meet another vlogger(famous wali unlike me :P) and a cute wala guy (i couldn’t even ask for a picture with him I was so mesmerised). 

Also one joke by Bhavish Ailani was cool: If I upload a coffee pic on instagram and add a filter, does it become filter coffee?

I know I should me mentioning Laxmi Rebecca, Anshul Tewari, Sunit Singh, Varun Krishnan, Shree Krishna Chepuri, Arunab Kumar, Snigdha Manchanda as well but may be some other time.

P.S: This month blogging would be regular.. you know why? Birthday Month!!!! :)