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Recipe: Rock Toast (rava toast)

Recipe! So this is rock toast, one of my favourite breakfast!

All you need to bread, rava, some veggies and a little determination!

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Vipashyana - An introduction to the meditation technique

Vipashyana or Vipassanā is one of the toughest types of meditation. It is Buddhist meditation.

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Blue eyes hypnotize look! (DIY Blue smoky eyes)

I love Yo Yo Honey Singh :)

This is DIY smoky blue eye look!

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Introduction To Reiki

Reiki - Touch healing! I've been practicing Reiki since 14 years now.
Following are the principles of Reiki:
For today I won't get angry
For today I will be kind
For today I will be patient
For today I will be thankful
For today I will be honest

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How To Apply Lipstick And Also Get The Vampire Look!

This is my first how-to-video!
Learn how-to apply lipstick and how to get the Vampire look.
I'll ve using minimal makeup.

Merry Christmas Song and Memories!

What are your best Christmas memories?

I loved the songs we sang, the skits we did back in school!

Miss those days!!


Recipe: Almost Adi Appam With Sam's Twist (Indian Tadka)

This is adi appam Sam's style.

Is there something you want me to cook my style? Please let me know :)

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How To Install CUSTOM ROM (Android Custom ROM)

Installing custom ROM is so damn simple that it makes me wonder why are people so scared in doing it or why they pay others to do it. Go ahead and do it the way I did it :)

Marry the right person! Soul-mate ki khoj ON

Marriage: One thing you should do right!

Still do you think love marriage Vs. Arrange marriage is a debate?

Sam's Corner Trailer: My Vlog

This is my personal vlog :)
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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics is finally available on Android and iOS. 

I am still waiting to get my Wonder Woman :)

Play Store: 
App Store: 

Read the review here: 


And I was a princess - memories from my childhood!

When three best friends are together Disney princesses are on their mind!

I remember very clearly, I was in class 3. Me, Arpita and Divyangana were best friends back then. We were like sisters! We used to go to each other's place all the time. We played make-believe games, mostly teacher-teacher. Sometimes we made mud-cake and chutney from leaves and pretended that we owned a shop where we sold all this. Aunty (Divya's mom) would shout at us how we were destroying all the plants to make chutney. I was an angel, it was only Appu and Divya who were told NOT to kill all the plants :)

We made the Godrej iron cupboard our board and pretended we were teachers. Divya used to say, "Keep quite, I'm having a headache...see this is my medicine." and then she would show a bottle of calcium tablets :) It was fun.

The mud cake we made had a tag line, "Buy one piece and break one teeth, gaurantee."

We did all this and more. Those were the good old days! Sometimes we played princess thing where we were Cindrella, Snow White and eh me dumbo would be the Red Riding Hood :P

Gone are the days and all I have is memories! What were your best childhood memories?

This is my entry for

Dove Guessing Game with my friend!



I FATi (Fighting Against Thyroid Issues)

Everytime I upload a new picture on Facebook there is someone saying “you have gained weight” or “you have lost weight”… mostly the former. It is very disturbing and the person making that comment hardly realises how difficult it is..

So after years of yoga, a very flexible body.. kms and kms of walking and balanced diet.. running.. gyming and what not, there is a point when you feel helpless.. because clearly NOTHING is working.

I have always wondered about the weirdness of my metabolism.. I lose weight on its own and gain it anytime.. I hardly have a control of it! I was living in darkness till one day doc told me to get my thyroid checked and there you go.. High TSH.. So now I know the reason for my dry skin, back pain, constant tiredness and swelled eyes and most importantly my weight fluctuations.

Let me tell you something.. This thing can be controlled and in my upcoming posts I will surely tell you how is my medication and controlled lifestyle working out for me but for now I wanna share something really important.

Weight doesn’t define a person and “moti”, “fatso” aren’t really the words anyone..anyone should be using…because no matter how light they are for others.. the people who suffer know how it hurts.
Don’t be arrogant, be understanding!

For everyone else who also suffers from high or low TSH please share your experiences… More on lifestyle and medication in next post!


DIY: Minion Nails

Time for some minion rush!!

These little "cousins" of Gru are so cute that I couldn't  stop myself from flaunting them on my nails.

Steps to get Minion Nails:
1. Apply a yellow coat of nail polish
2. Use cello tape to save the yellow one and apply a blue coat (ratio around 1:1)
3. Add white dots for eyes
4. Use a black marker for finishing :)
5. Apply a clear coat and you are done!

Done and done!!

What are your fav nail arts? 

Check out my review of Despicable Me

Lemme know, I can make tutorials for your fav designs.

Cheers to beautiful life!


How to root Samsung galaxy y

Hello world!!
Finally we successfully made our fist video!
If your Samsung Galaxy Y has super less space you can root it and get some more space to install other stuff!

Here we go!!

We are on twitter >> +Gizmomaniacs 


OMG! Am I pregnant and other such things

Sex is pleasure and it can be a pain in ass if done wrong (pun intended J )! Din’t your momma tell you a thing or two about it?

Being Indian I’m sure your answer would be “No”!

But lemme tell you something..Google that shit….

Many of the girls are shy of buying sanitary pads, bras and condoms in public… Many of the local vendors hide these things in a black plastic bag and then hand it over… ah that ain’t no hash man.. It’s just a part of being a woman.

Common query somewhere was… I had my periods then I had “relationship” with my has been a month periods are not back..I’m scared!

First: Dahlin, you din’t have relationship.. you had sex..
Second: Have you ever heard of protection??
Third: Emergency contraceptives???

If you were fine with it, were ashamed of buying this happily available stuff then do you have right to cry and complain?

Be ashamed of being wrong, be ashamed when you lie, be ashamed if you don’t even try before you quit.

Don’t be ashamed of your body, the biology and the fact that men and women were designed this way and there is absolutely nothing wrong (morally too) in doing what you feel is RIGHT J

What do you think?

Cheers to beautiful life!


Battle of sexes? Nope! Let’s talk RIGHT

The little girl was playing with food bowl. She carried it to her dad and grandmother said, “Good she is preparing herself for future!”
Which future I wonder!
Who are we to define a two-year-old’s future?
Yes! We are nobody to decide. We have no business here.

Root Cause?

Mothers! Ah mothers love their kids so much.. they want the best for them. Still most of moms who are inclined towards their sons or well, have only sons tend to do something terrible, a well.. out of love though.. They train them to be dependent. They train them NOT to cook. The sister is taught cooking even if she is younger and the brother eats.. ummm..mostly..

The result:

When you get into a relationship or marriage … being a girl you are EXPECTED to cook and TAKE CARE of the household.

I wonder who made this rule.
I know.. I know.. you will things are changing and all that bull-shit…Or may be things are better than they were..
But is that all we want? I mean.. BETTER that is all we aim for?
Damn! Nope.. Hell no.. We should aim for what is right.. That is what we should aim for..

Dear Mothers
Don’t train your son to eat delicacies, train to cook some. Don’t make them feel it is their right to GET things and kitchen is a place of female domination. Tell them their Dad is WRONG in not helping you in your household duties. Tell them how difficult it has been for you to manage. Once in a while instead of feeding them with aloo parathas ask them to make some rotis for you. Teach them what is RIGHT and not what has been going on since generations.

A girl on the other hand gets soooo used to doing all the stuff that she thinks she can be a super-woman.  She is made to believe that she is supposed to do it all and that she has to be perfect. She is told that she is the one who has to balance work and family. She is supposed to do it without asking WHY!

Let me ask you WHY? Please leave your answer in the comment… If you are a guy and you can make decent rotis- I respect you, I <3 you!! J


Cheat sheet to ladybug/ladybird nails

Beautiful nail art can be simple if you cheat a little :)

You do not need to do it all with nail polish..

For your lady bird/lady bug nails you will need

  1. Nail paint (red, blue and transparent)
  2. Black marker
  3. Red and white poster colours
Simple steps!

1. Remove your old nail colour with nail paint remover
2. Paint the base coat
3. Use the marker to draw the dots on all the other nails except one
4. Draw lady bug/lady bird outline with the marker
5. Fill it with red poster colour and make two dots for eyes with white one
6. Add black dots and outlines
7. Let it dry and then apply the transparent coat and voila! You have managed to paint lady bug nails!

Do not do layers after layers..let your paint dry every time before you apply a new coat :)

Have fun!!

This is what I did on this pleasant sunday evening, what did you do?


Understanding twitter – For those who are alien to the twitterverse

I tweet therefore I am!

For a ‘twitterholic’ like me twitter is a virtual home. It’s a place where I have built relationships and understood a lot about life, people, places, and what not.

When someone tells me “I’m not a 140 chars person” or even worse things like “Why would I talk with random strangers on web”, a part of me sighs!

So I’m going to talk about 3 basics of twitter, there are many which I’ll keep on sharing later J

About 140 chars: Who doesn’t love short statements and if you can’t sum something up in few words you haven’t understood it well enough. You can tell a story in 140 chars! I’m not a man of few words is just a myth. Give it a try and you’ll see inspiration comes through few words and not many paragraphs. Also who has time for longer stories?!

Meeting strangers: Every single person you know practically was a stranger once. Even the ones we know turn out to be frauds or two-faced. Meeting someone virtually is same as meeting someone at a park, at school/college/work or a conference. This space just widens your possibilities.

I’m insecure: Don’t know what for! Well, security threats are always going to be there. No matter where you are you are always at risk. So that is just not a reason!

If you have anymore doubts always feel free to ask!


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Nandi hills - a trip above the clouds

I haven't seen the cloud nine but Nandi hills is absolutely above it!

Some 60kms from Bangalore is a little heaven on mountains, it is called Nandi Hills. One fine night we decided to gear up and ride our way to this beautiful place!
Here is my story!!
Very very early in the morning we reached, it was too dark..the ride had been amazing!

The sky was extremely beautiful, the place crowded and yes, every other person like me wanted to click the best picture of the rising sun....
Then it turned a little dark...

Finally! Mesmerized by the beauty of nature...
Then we took a round of the place and clicked clicked and clicked more ;)

Sometimes it is okay to break some rules..

As I look at the peak of the mountain..I'm lost ...

As we came down, we were surprised..we hadn't seen any of this on our way up..yeah it was too dark!

It is FUN!

Nandi hills: 60kms from Bangalore
How to reach: Bikes,cars and taxis are the best option
What is it: Well, it is a temple but it is more famous for the surreal beauty.
Leave at around 2-2:30am and you might reach there on time, do check the time of sunrise though!

Where did you go last time to have some fun?


Don't sugar coat; sugar!

Managing your diabetes is not science, it's an art!
There was a time when I used to walk 120 minutes daily! Now it is come down to as low as 15 minutes per day. I wonder how much do we walk. If we had a choice will we walk at all? Who knows!!
Our lifestyle is leading us to many and more diseases every day. Let’s talk about the most common of them: Diabetes!
I just took a 6 seconds test and realised I’m at a very low risk of diabetes. 
About the 6 seconds test:
Janacare, are building an online diabetes prevention program (called the Habits Program) to enable pre-diabetics achieve healthier lifestyle habits and avoid full-blown type II diabetes.
As part of this effort, photokatha (@photokatha) is conducting an online experiment called ”Sugarscore“ to understand India’s Diabetes risk. Sugarscore is a six second survey that will help you understand your risk for Diabetes. The user basically goes to  and quickly answers five questions (age, gender, waist size, physical activity levels and family history of diabetes) to get his or her Sugarscore.
Take this survey>> @
At the end of six seconds, you have to leave your mail address (check the image) to be eligible to win one of the cool goodies every week.

#tag: #Sugarscoreofindia
Did you know: 

  • Diabetes kills one person every 8 second!
  • Excess weight is the single biggest risk for developing diabetes.
  • 150 minutes of brisk physical activity per week can reduce Type 2 Diabetes risk significantly


Bangalore (or any other city) for women

It is always great to see that people come up with initiatives for building a safer city for women.

Flash news:
Today I read that now Khap won’t allow jeans and t-shirts for girls, huh nothing new isn’t it. After all they are the people who can justify rape too!

The Sad Truth:
While I was growing up I was told to be different. Different than my brother. I was suppose to be home early. This concept was very acceptable and seemed ‘okay’. Today as I look back I see the problem lies right there. We as women are TOLD that we can or cannot do certain things and when we do otherwise any outcome is something we have called upon us by our actions!

From Porbandar to Rajkot to Ahmedabad to Mysore to Bangalore:
Nothing, means nothing is different. Same set of eve-teasers, same abusing guys in nooks and corners and well same attitude. I have been in trouble a couple of times here in Bangalore just the way I was in Rajkot.
Here are the links to the incidents Bus trouble, On the wayback home.

Bangalore for women:
Yes! I would say it is ‘comparatively’ safer to say ummm.. Delhi! But safety on comparative terms isn’t effective way of measurement, is it?

What we need?
We need ‘men’ to understand the value of women! (now that is generic and far from possible in many ways)
All the guys who are up for the cause are in some way better than the ones who are not. But everyone is biased in some way or the other. Protection is women has become a bigger point while taking ‘revenge’ (I mean literally) from the culprit isn’t that important, nor is teaching lesson or well STOPPING it.

I Pray For A Better & Safer City To Live
For That I Would Give Whatever I can Give!



Twitterverse – because everyone has a need to be needed

Every living soul has a need to be needed.

I have been on twitter for a year now. Out of 2546 tweeps who follow me and 1749 I follow I have seen one thing in common. “Need”

If you say I don’t need to be on twitter, I’m on it just like that. I’m sorry. Probably you are mistaken.

Twitter is fun! I have found my family here.
@Arpitaappu @VishalSatani @_Sea_Hawk@iA_Myth @In_theBRAT @krishnanpc @twitbandana  is my twitter family since a year now!

Being away from home, may be I can’t call my parents for help but I’m sure these (@gupshupblog too) guys would help me anytime I need.

Even though they are far (@VishalSatani @_Sea_Hawk @krishnanpc @twitbandana  @devoirtech @Sheer_khurma ) I know they will be there to support me.

Then there are these people I knew for quite a long time and now twitter is our best mode of communication. (@HTravadi @nhmerchant)

Apart from these I also follow some biggies J (@gupshupblog is also a biggie J )

I have a #chai cheers group which shares my interest with tea and then there are these #TwitterBrothers  #TwitterSisters who happily call me didi/sis!

I went through a rough patch, a really really rough patch and all these (including @casanovacupid) helped me through it.

All I want to say is I love twitter and for those who do not understand it I’m sorry you might never, till you don’t use it the right way and understand the importance of relations you build right there!

I might have missed many handles here (#TeamPositive  #TeamFafda and many more) but the fact is that I can go on and on and I tell you, it is the NEED to be needed and NEED to fulfill someone’s need that bounds us.

I might not interact with all those 2K friends but I know I’m one tweet away from finding help and one request for rt away for getting more help.

Tweet Tweet! Social media has allowed us to touch new horizons and make friends without borders. It has made us realize that you don’t have to meet someone to fall in love, to be a friend or to understand, support and show affection.

(Not to mention my twitter addiction is the reason I’ve got my job @mHealthTips!!)

Remember this quote:

“Twitter provides us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal problems. We trend Justin Bieber instead.” 
Lauren Leto

Cheers to beautiful life!
Cheers to Twitter! 



I am the kind of person who does not have problems with caffeine; I have a problem without caffeine J  let’s face it; the world is divided into three type of people: the coffee lovers, the tea lovers and the mixed category who aren't decisive enough. Tea can make you feel good in the morning or at any point of time but it is not the conversation starter. Well, no one has ever asked me for a tea date yet. But coffee is the conversations starter, an ideal way to meet people and sometimes it also plays the role of Cupid.

I remember how my first date came to me and asked "Would you like to have coffee with me?” My first thought was well at least it is not in a dark theater where I cannot control things and I would be surrounded by people. I felt it was safe to say yes (yes, at that time safety mattered, because I didn't know him well). It is very comfortable to be out in open place in presence of others with mind and body feeling safe and hoping for some wonderful conversation can take us to the next level. This is how things start or say this is the easiest way to start the things. There is nothing like getting to know one another while sipping coffee and enjoying the presence of one another forgetting about the surrounding if things go well and looking and enjoying the surrounding if the things go dull. That is why someone came up with that awesome tag line "A lot can happen over a coffee", intelligent, smart and sexy all at a time.

When you sit and talk and sip your coffee it is never about the taste of that coffee but the richness of the conversation which makes you fall in love with coffee, it forces you to have coffee time and again and many times with the same person.

“The awesomeness of the conversation is inversely proportional to the amount of coffee in your cup.” ~ Sam

I have seen friends or group of people hanging out at coffee houses. I have also seen people having business meetings and interviews over coffee but what excites me the most is to see the making of a new love story, the lethal chemical combination happening over a cup of coffee. Maybe this is not how love flourishes and how relationships take shape but for sure this how they can start.

Coffee and conversations will always be timeless because they are meant to be. 

#Coffee Cheers!!

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Will you do friendship with me?