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A walk with a stranger

A walk with a stranger

I am a kind of person who has been guyzoned, sometimes desired, a lot of times proposed and a lot of times told that I must change my way of behaviour because it can send wrong signals. Well we can never alter our basic nature and my basic nature is super frank, friendly a bit helpful and well.. I carry my smile everywhere I go.. (ha ha that is me for you :P)

Strange life..we walk with strangers and become friends and we walk away from friends and become stranger.

I met him with all my enthusiasm , a stranger .I was thrilled..excited .. happy in a different way. We had only spoken on phone and yet I felt connected. Meeting could have changed it all.. and well it did. That meeting with the stranger was perfect and happiest moment of my life..

I was walking and someone asked me the way... I din't look I was typing some message all I said was. "Come"..and kept on walking..He followed..Once my messaging work was over I looked at him. I thought he was young and fit enough to match my pace. He thought I belonged to that place..Well he was wrong its just I am an explorer and that is the reason I knew all the routes.. As we started talking it came out that he was suppose to meet someone and he was from mumbai. He asked me what I did and I told him , in haphazard manner that I write and do social media marketing. Then it was my turn to ask..I was surprised..the guy was a Tech Architect had 14yrs of experience in IT industry and was doing business since past two years!! Suddenly I realised that his breath was catching , yes he was a bit old to walk at that pace and I slowed down.. In the end we shook hands and he said I was a lively, fun person and well 'God Bless You'..

From there I was again to meet some stranger..who was going to be way different than the above two.. Again it was good. A little chat and exchange of ideas is always fun.. (Great minds discuss ideas they say :P)

Life is all about meeting strange opportunities, strange conditions, strange people and a lot of strange things not all of them make you happy .. not all of them make you smile.. Strangely some unexpected stranger can change it all and the strangeness vanishes.. Strange but true!

How has been your meeting with strangers??  <let me be clear stranger is not equal to a blind date!!!>

P.S : Meet strangers at your own risk.. I too am one :))



Romance in the air??

Sometimes you just feel Happiness surrounding and the romance in the air. Recently I read somewhere that you cannot spell R-O-M-A-N-C-T-I-C with out a M-A-N.. Funny I thought:):)

When we are kids we know nothing about what exactly this feeling is. With time we learn. MTFL>> My true first love.. may be true for some and not for others but with the course of time we meet many people and have different feelings about them. Some feelings that we suppress and some that we express.

I still remember my first crush!! Derek o'brien !! One brainy still good looking guy who hosted Bournvita quiz contest. This was followed by Ajay Jadeja, Milind soman, Arjun Rampal, Bhaichung Bhutia, someone from school and some neighbour and brother's friend and so on:) Initially it is sweet, you smile , you blush and have that adrenaline gush...its just beautiful and then with time it either goes or increases. If it goes well and good but if it stays complications begin. Then you check whether it is mutual or not and if it is then would you like to take it forward or not and if you take it forward and things become serious how long will they go on etc etc counts:)

But still feeling that romance in the air is an amazing feeling. Today I have nothing more to say.

Romance is good when it makes you glow, don't waste your time in relationships that make you feel low. - Sam

May favorite line : Hey I know you, I have walked with you in my dreams :)

A song which has stung me and is making me smile again and again...

" O boy O boy you have made me mad
I am love head over heels all over again
Expressing the feelings is hard and yes I am afraid
But I want to hold your hand and walk in the rain
Why don't you feel it and take the lead instead
Ask me out and make me smile and release my pain "
-  Sam

My Romance board : Love You Forever

Have you felt that gush,  that romance in the air for no reason? Something which made you smile still you couldn't figure out what...:):)
That is an amazing feeling, trust me!!



Step 1 to Online marketing career

Online marketing

India : There are two types of companies
1. Where they believe work should be fun
2. formal , strict and nothing new

If you are looking for social media career filled with happiness first step would be to find the companies falling in 1st category. Quite a task I would say.

Now if you are a fresher in this field and have no related degree then there has to something you need to know.

1. You should be super social
2. You should read and understand how soical media works
3. You should be genuinely interested

Trust me if the point 3 is true for you 1 and 2 are going to come on their own.

Remember : Begginers have it hard.

Your compensation will not be so high in the start but with the time it wil rise significantly if you are really good.

What should you learns for starters:
1. Effective mass mailing
2. How Facebook Marketing works
3. How to generate leads on twitter

You should probably have your own blog too to show on your resume.

When all this is done.. go out on to the job portals search for the key words and start applying. Attach a nice resume which shows your true abilities. Within few days you will definitely start getting offers.

Its simple. All its needs is passion.

Cheers! If there is something more you will like to know.. just ask:)


Finding your inner-self

MY 10 days in silence!!

For all who know me might be surprised seeing the title. 10 days in silence!! This girl can't stay mum for  minute.. Yes, I love talking and singing and even jumping but once I had a chance to stay silent for 10 days and those 10 days changed a lot.

Depression comes in without knocking and sometimes its right there inside you feeding on you, growing on you and trying to crack the walls of your belief and break you. But those who can heal the cracks and paint their souls again are the winners..

I had just completed my class 12th and had a lot of free time in hand before the results. I decided to go and attend a Vipashyana camp. I was hoping to go there since class 6 and finally I had a chance! So I called them up, reserved my seat, packed my bags and was ready to go out alone without a cell phone or a book or any cosmetic or even a diary or eatables. When I reached there I got a chance to talk to few others who like me were ready to explore their inner-self..and then *poof* our speaking rights were taken along with all the valuables and money! Thus began a new journey.

The days passed in meditation and a strict routine. Initially it was okay but then it started becoming difficult. For how long can you chat with yourself after all. I even slept off in one specific dark room meditation. (Well you are alone in a dark room, you have a mattress, how can you resist that temptation) Whenever I use to see anyone else I would fold my arms and smile and they would reciprocate. All this and no dinner!

There were moments when I wanted to run away, there were nights I could not sleep, there was time I said , "I don't want to eat this food"..But then there were moments when I feel peace, I could feel change and I could feel the happiness everywhere:):)

I dint realize that 10 days passed so quickly. I had learned a lot and even though I had not spoken with the people there, there was strong connection and we cried when we exchanged good byes.

What did I learn :

  • See, feel but do not react. 
  • Send the positive vibes to each and everyone you know and they will come back to you. 
  • Anger is not the solution nor is it avoidable every time but take a deep breath and answer "Is it worth it?"
  • We are born every sec as a tissue in us dies and new is formed.
  • We have chance to change from the moment we want to.
  • The power to change is within.


If you want to know anything more about the meditation or my stay at this camp, I would love to answer:)



Keylogger for windows

Keylogger  builds a log of all the keys we press on our keyboard. This log can later be reviewed to keep a check on the activities happening on a particular system. The bright side is that it can help in trouble shooting and analyzing employee productivity etc but on the darker side it can be used to hack someone's account for personal gains. Sounds horrible, doesn't it? But it can be helpful in knowing that what happens on your system behind your back and monitoring your system when you have kids is a good idea because we want them to be safe. A keylogger can be a hardware or a software.

Here is a list of keyloogers you can use according to your needs.

1. Family keylogger

It is invisible and works in the background recording every keystroke a user makes. It also tracks the launch of applications, sent e-mails and visited websites. It is small in size and is for low system requirements. In case the system is not responding it is capable of removing itself from the task list. Is is a little file with many possibilities.

2. Light keylogger

It works on Windows, Vista and XP. It can run on stealth mode and hence it is undetectable. Multi-lingual support lets you use it in any of the 6 languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, Deutsch or Portuguese. It can also save screen captures in intervals you select along with monitoring of applications being used.

3. IwantSoft's Free Keylogger

As the name suggests it is free :) It can track and record keystrokes, clipboard activity, and Net surfing on individual PCs or networks (with administrative access). Report for activity on any day can be generated by clicking on date and other specifications. There is no 'help' option available in this software so you might need to use the information on internet to use it.

4. Revealer Keylogger

I has a simple interface and records the keystrokes and other activities in txt format. It does not store snapshots but can log any language. It can be seen active on the task managers.

5. All in one keylogger

This is an all-in-one spy program. It intercepts everything entered from keyboard and monitors internet navigation. It also scans windows clipboards for changes and monitors the screen. It consumes less system resources and is invisible.

Do you use a keylogger? Do you think using a keylogger is a good option for monitoring the activities on your system while you are away? We would love to know about other keyloggers from you!