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6 steps to happiness

Happiness is not just state of mind, it is state of heart and soul

1. Create : You saw that DIY on pinterest, or on a blog or anywhere.. you liked it? Try it..The outcome might not be as beautiful as the picture you saw but this will definitely give you sense of achievement..and a smile. And if it turns out good, that is a bonus! Share it with others, share your smile and you will be happy.

There is nothing wrong in trying :)
2. Socialize : Yes, in today's world we all do it. But the key is to socialize with right people, full of life, positivity and that glow will makes us glow too. My mother always told me if you want to feel good,  be with positive people. When I say socialize, I do not mean only on networking sites. Go out, meet people, connect, share and most importantly observe and listen.
A sweet poem about friend : A friend, an angel by @Arpitaappu

3. Gift yourself a little something once in a while : It can be a holiday, a spa treatment, a nice meal at your favorite food joint or just an ice cream. The size or gift does not matter, the important thing is it should give you that #FeelGood factor.

Sweet Pleasure
4. Walk : Or better walk in the rain:) Walking calms you, it fights depression and makes you healthy too. Here is my pinterest board of "Lets walk".. You will feel happy by looking at the photos too:)
Photograph by urban prairie

5. Look at old photographs : Photographs are the happy moments that we capture and looking at them reminds us of that happiness. Maybe it will tempt you to call an old friend and here you go : happiness multiplied :)

1yr old Me :)
5. Do not stop yourself from expressing good feelings : Feel like singing: sing, feel like jumping: jump, dance, laugh, scream your joy out. We hardly think before expressing our anger then why should we think before expressing our happiness? Things need to be other way round. Sometimes the place might not permit you to express freely at that time just text your happiness to a loved one.

Sometimes happiness is right outside your window, you just need to look out:)

So what makes you happy?

Cheers to beautiful life:)


Happiness multiplies by spreading

"The reflection of the Sun on my window"
 Every morning is a message from the universe that you have one more day to shine. Make  the most of it.

"When it was raining"
If rain cannot bring a smile to your face, its time to look for the lost child inside you.

Bannerghatta National park bangalore
Love, care and affection is an emotion beyond just human..

"Sparkling wine"
A good wine can always life you mood.. :)

Books are little bundles of joy..

If you do not enjoy reading perhaps you are doing it wrong - Unknown

"Love in nature"
Love is everywhere , sometimes you need to close your eyes and open your heat to see it..

Up you go and light you become..
leave your worries and see the joy come..
Everyone is struggling you are not the only one..
Still life is about surviving
Life is about having fun...

Keep calm and eat cake

Masala Chai (tea): without this the journey of life is incomplete..

When the sun sets.. take a moment and have a look at it.. fell the peace and move on... I love doing that:)

Make a wish , pray a bit.. thank for all you have  and share a smile!
"Find happiness in everything, fruit, flowers, and more"
I am not crazy, I just love to smile, share ..if you don't do that you haven't lived up to your potential !

Cheers to beautiful life..spread smiles
Quotes and Photography by Sneha Mehta :)

Chain Reaction Of Love

I looked at you and you looked at me

This was the beginning of an action

I winked at you with both my eyes..

You did the same in reaction..

Then I smiled and you smiled back..

Started the chain reaction..

I moved a step and you too did..

The distance reduced by a fraction..

We met, we talked and you gave me a chocolate..

The chocolate got my attention..

I brought one more the next time we met..

and then you did same , another chain reaction..

We kept on meeting..We kept on eating..

Catalysing the reaction..

The reaction is still going strong..

and so is the heat liberation..

May it be so forever and ever..

A beautiful chain reaction..


Blue hue

Beyond the tress
Above the sky
High very high
Even beyond the point your eyes can see
Is the origin , the source
The place from where we fell
The place where it was decided
that you and me
is going to be 'We"


A lot about wine

My first glass of Sparkling Wine

I read somewhere that if I collaborate all the tweets about one topic in a day I can write a book in a day! Of course I am not going to write a book but here I want to give some useful information.

Understanding wine in one post is definitely impossible. It involves lots of trial and error and finally success.

First of all I am thankful to @smqueue
 for the tweet "3 Ways to View Your Old Tweets" which allowed me to check out my old posts about wine!

Of course until you do not try some you will never know what is good and what is bad. But then again the first question that bothers us is "Can I invest a lot of money in buying a wine when I do not have any idea on how to choose?"

Reflection on the Wine Glass
How to choose the best wine : Choosing the best win is one of the most difficult task. You need to understand your choice as well as what is good and you need to buy something which is the combination of both. This won't be an easy task but once you master this you will be happy to sip some fine wine and draw pleasure from it.

Top 5 Red Wines for Spring :  Its spring and how wonderful will it be if someone could suggest you the names of the wines perfect for the season? Check out the list!

How about a Wine Tour of India?  Nandi hills & Nashik are the best places to have a fine wine tour in India:)

Does a Wine’s Price tag Affect its Taste? What would be your answer to this question? Just click the link and find your answer. 

Sunday brunch can be special with some wonderful wines : Again I am giving out some names, Hope you will like them 

If you are on Pinterest here is an pinteresting fact: Top 10 boards about Wine 

"Beer is made by men, wine by God!" --- Martin Luther

Cheers to beautiful life!!