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Oh Damn I Burnt Myself - Now that’s Igniting!

I was this close to celebrating my safety week because I did not burn myself for one whole year and BAM it happened. I burnt myself. A little. The celebrations were burnt to hell too. I am still cleaning the ashes and I see no absolutely NO phoenix rising anywhere. 

Life is strange. It tests you. It doesn’t let you live a lot of happy moments in a string. Happiness isn’t an infinite loop. There is no deadlock, there is no sine wave too. There is a very different graph. A different graph for each one of us. 

The reality is you are gonna meet a lot of fake friends, a hell lot of love yous which mean nothing are gonna be exchanged (Let’s say they did mean something in that moment), there are gonna be celebrations and dances and sweet songs which might fail to convert into memories. You will get burnt at some point or the other. You and you alone will have to clean the ashes. No ash trays will come at rescue. 

At the some time there would be some good friends, some genuine love, some small celebrations, crazy dances and way out of note songs. That’s what is life for. The ashes don’t matter. The burns get healed and leave a scar. A scar that will remind you that you survived. You lived and you lived well.

Fallen flat on my ass a million times but haven’t learned a thing.” she said. 

You had courage to get up and try again. You’re brave. You are living. That is what counts.

Life was never about not getting burnt. It’s not about being a phoenix.It’s about being YOU. Being this being who doesn’t give up, who ignites, who sparkles and who doesn’t use fancy words to describe it but just feels it, lives it. (Ah, that would be me, I know NO fancy words.)

If you get burnt, don’t worry you’ll heal.

You’ll heal my friend.

Life is beautiful!

Btw I'm a honeybee.