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My glass is half full!

Do you know what date is it? 29th Dec! There have been years of my life when I’ve not just waited for this date but have prepared for it. I’m not sure if I’m glad that I’m not doing it this year or I’m sad. Yes it’s someone’s birthday.

Anyways, a friend once told me Sam every time you look at the glass half empty I’ll tell you on your face “YOU’RE SEEING THE GLASS HALF EMPTY”. So I’ve decided I’ll not just see glass half full, I’ll go ahead and add some Old Monk to it!

There is a very good chance that this one is my last blog post of 2014 and so it’s a little bit of happy throwback time. 


Right now I’m on my bed with Trudi and Smafu on my side. I’m wearing my awesome new specs and am kind of admiring my cool new tattoo. Before this I was watching The Vampire Dairies and God Ian Somerhalder is so damn hot (I’ve a friend who has promised he’ll look hotter than Ian, let’s see). So what do I mean by telling you all this? Ah just wanted to let you know that I’m chilling without giving a second effing thought about dinner. I had tea, who cares what am I gonna eat beeches. (Am I suppose to mind my language?). Dude! I donna and I don’t give a damn.

If I was to narrate my mostly sad story I would have types like 500 words in no time but now that I’m trying to focus on happy I am really not sure. So let me share with you 5 lines I believe in and leave you with a really really cool Rap War (Elsa is totally AWESOME).

  1. Life is beautiful.
  2. Magical things grow out of unlikely beginnings.
  3. Everything that you see, hear, read, feel or get in touch with has impact on you which is always greater than zero.
  4. It’s not just about the heights you reach, but the way you understand the depth.
  5. Smile, because that’s what makes the world a little brighter.

By the way my Youtube is doing good, if you still haven’t checked it out please do :)

Enjoy the Rap ;)

Who needs a man to save and kiss ya?!
I savvy and single and so independent...

You're one ditzy princess, I'm m*$(@%Y Queen!!

P.S.: Now that I don't have anyone to click my pics, this has been a year of selfies and you know what I'm awesome at that. Buy me "Selfie Queen" wala phone cover will ya? Nope. I'll buy it myself :D

Cheers to beautiful life!!