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Hotel Formule1 In HITEC Hyderabad - Comfortably Awesome

I had a dream when I was a kid. It’s nothing new, obviously! All of us have dreams. Mine was to be Miss Universe, so mainstream (I knowwwwww). But the end goal was to use my scholarship money to build green cities all around the WORLD. Yes! Well, that did not happen.

Anyway… I came across something. A hotel by Accor hotels and you know what? They have this zone in the hotel called “Green zone” which promises to reduce the carbon footprint. This is the zone where you’ll find bicycles. No matter how old you’re now you can ride bicycles :)

So this hotel is called Hotel Formule1, by Accor hotels. They say it is comfortable, warm and a nice place to be. This post might save you time if the next thing you’re going to Google is “Budget hotels”. I know the ones in Ahmedabad and Bangalore and now there is one in Hyderabad too! Somewhere in HITEC city. Cool location, I must say. 

Why do you think is this hotel one of the good Indian hotels? The answer is pretty simple! You don’t really want to feel at home when you’re in a hotel. You want to feel comfortable. YES, you do not want to clean for yourself, pick up your laundry, worry about dirty dishes and floor… NO ONE wants to feel at home at a hotel. We look for comfort, really amazing shower, soft bed, sofa, vibrant colours, beautiful decor and and and a television, flat screen full HD, right? To find all this in any of those budget hotels might not work for you (SAD truth). But well this place is nice and warm (also has a GREEN ZONE) and might fall right into your budget. AMAZING. And btw there are 150 such rooms and the price range starts from INR 2399.

Did I mention home is where wifi connects automatically? Anyways it won’t connect automatically here but you WILL get it for free and at high speed. Also if wifi isn’t enough they’ve got some awesome breakfast (attention INSTAGRAMMERS).

Dear people! It also has soundproof walls (YES you read it right!). I know you didn’t see that coming :)

So next time when you are in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Greater Noida, Hyderabad or Pune and want a comfortable roof and some positive vibes check this place out.

Also here is the Facebook link for more info: