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Recipe: Rock Toast (rava toast)

Recipe! So this is rock toast, one of my favourite breakfast!

All you need to bread, rava, some veggies and a little determination!

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Vipashyana - An introduction to the meditation technique

Vipashyana or Vipassanā is one of the toughest types of meditation. It is Buddhist meditation.

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Blue eyes hypnotize look! (DIY Blue smoky eyes)

I love Yo Yo Honey Singh :)

This is DIY smoky blue eye look!

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Introduction To Reiki

Reiki - Touch healing! I've been practicing Reiki since 14 years now.
Following are the principles of Reiki:
For today I won't get angry
For today I will be kind
For today I will be patient
For today I will be thankful
For today I will be honest

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How To Apply Lipstick And Also Get The Vampire Look!

This is my first how-to-video!
Learn how-to apply lipstick and how to get the Vampire look.
I'll ve using minimal makeup.

Merry Christmas Song and Memories!

What are your best Christmas memories?

I loved the songs we sang, the skits we did back in school!

Miss those days!!


Recipe: Almost Adi Appam With Sam's Twist (Indian Tadka)

This is adi appam Sam's style.

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How To Install CUSTOM ROM (Android Custom ROM)

Installing custom ROM is so damn simple that it makes me wonder why are people so scared in doing it or why they pay others to do it. Go ahead and do it the way I did it :)

Marry the right person! Soul-mate ki khoj ON

Marriage: One thing you should do right!

Still do you think love marriage Vs. Arrange marriage is a debate?

Sam's Corner Trailer: My Vlog

This is my personal vlog :)
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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics is finally available on Android and iOS. 

I am still waiting to get my Wonder Woman :)

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App Store: 

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