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Future Predictions

I write about the future,
I Make the predictions.
Not tomorrow or the next day..
I say what will happen in coming years..
2012? 2020? No!! its about 2100 :)

The dogs will be huge and they will have majestic tails..
The fishes will eat up all the whales..
The sky would be orange..
And sunflower will be a fruit..
Things will be strange..
And cats will wear boots..

My predictions are logical..
The logic you will never understand..

I was always very practical..
experimented with sand..

Future is unsure 
Today is what we have 
Future is illusion..
Present is what HE gave..

So be good and stay happy..
Forget all that you read..
Future is fake, today is great..
By the time you realise you would be dead..

Cheers to the beautiful life..:))