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I am the kind of person who does not have problems with caffeine; I have a problem without caffeine J  let’s face it; the world is divided into three type of people: the coffee lovers, the tea lovers and the mixed category who aren't decisive enough. Tea can make you feel good in the morning or at any point of time but it is not the conversation starter. Well, no one has ever asked me for a tea date yet. But coffee is the conversations starter, an ideal way to meet people and sometimes it also plays the role of Cupid.

I remember how my first date came to me and asked "Would you like to have coffee with me?” My first thought was well at least it is not in a dark theater where I cannot control things and I would be surrounded by people. I felt it was safe to say yes (yes, at that time safety mattered, because I didn't know him well). It is very comfortable to be out in open place in presence of others with mind and body feeling safe and hoping for some wonderful conversation can take us to the next level. This is how things start or say this is the easiest way to start the things. There is nothing like getting to know one another while sipping coffee and enjoying the presence of one another forgetting about the surrounding if things go well and looking and enjoying the surrounding if the things go dull. That is why someone came up with that awesome tag line "A lot can happen over a coffee", intelligent, smart and sexy all at a time.

When you sit and talk and sip your coffee it is never about the taste of that coffee but the richness of the conversation which makes you fall in love with coffee, it forces you to have coffee time and again and many times with the same person.

“The awesomeness of the conversation is inversely proportional to the amount of coffee in your cup.” ~ Sam

I have seen friends or group of people hanging out at coffee houses. I have also seen people having business meetings and interviews over coffee but what excites me the most is to see the making of a new love story, the lethal chemical combination happening over a cup of coffee. Maybe this is not how love flourishes and how relationships take shape but for sure this how they can start.

Coffee and conversations will always be timeless because they are meant to be. 

#Coffee Cheers!!

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  1. What Sweet Sentiments! And so true too. I Love this post Sam! It speaks to the Young romance in all of Us! :)

  2. hmm u showed me a new angle of coffee ,tea etc ....well written,especially that title is very catchy .. :-) ,but trust me evn a vada pav works at times :P ...u just need to be eccentric enough to make a difference :-)