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And I was a princess - memories from my childhood!

When three best friends are together Disney princesses are on their mind!

I remember very clearly, I was in class 3. Me, Arpita and Divyangana were best friends back then. We were like sisters! We used to go to each other's place all the time. We played make-believe games, mostly teacher-teacher. Sometimes we made mud-cake and chutney from leaves and pretended that we owned a shop where we sold all this. Aunty (Divya's mom) would shout at us how we were destroying all the plants to make chutney. I was an angel, it was only Appu and Divya who were told NOT to kill all the plants :)

We made the Godrej iron cupboard our board and pretended we were teachers. Divya used to say, "Keep quite, I'm having a headache...see this is my medicine." and then she would show a bottle of calcium tablets :) It was fun.

The mud cake we made had a tag line, "Buy one piece and break one teeth, gaurantee."

We did all this and more. Those were the good old days! Sometimes we played princess thing where we were Cindrella, Snow White and eh me dumbo would be the Red Riding Hood :P

Gone are the days and all I have is memories! What were your best childhood memories?

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  1. You Still are an Angel, You cannot hurt anyone and loved by all. Many Many good wishes to you forever

  2. cute post! I too remember playing such games like teacher-teacher, ghar-ghar etc ...niceeee!

  3. You were truly a princess !! :)

  4. You looked so cute! The fringes and the peppy hat! Lovely post! :)