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In an abusive relationship and out ...

It is about getting out of what you don’t like and do what you love…

He shouted at me. He made me pull my hair and cry. He had never ever let me sit idol for a moment. He monitored me right from the start to the end of my work and criticized it as badly as he could. I almost forgot that I am a human, that I have a life.
I woke u without a smile and I slept without one.

But one day I could not take it anymore. I shouted in my mind ‘ I QUIT!! ‘ It was too loud that he could sense it. I had to tell him the reason and had to find another place for myself but I knew this time I wont make a mistake. I promised myself I will do all its takes to make myself happy, to feel good.
It was perhaps my mistake, I should have listened to my heart than my mind. I should have choosen what I loved. But correcting a mistake is also better than just hanging to it.

Finally I left.. I left my company which was never mine.. the boss who expected me to do what I wasn’t good at.. the place which never seemed to be mine.. the work which I could never do.. I knew I din’t have a natural flair for it.. I understood I was made for something different and it was important to figure out what it was than doing something I could hardly do..

Doing the things which you are not naturally good at makes your input – output ratio low.. It creates difficulties , tension, stress and bad mental health.. It leads to sleppless nights and overload of work.. Against it today I am happily doing what I always loved and it takes me less than the assinged time to do my work and my creativity helps me big time..

Finally I am a happy person and evryone should be. We should always understand and identify our calling, because that is the key to ultimate happiness.

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  1. Clean, sweet, honest u have kept ur heart out dear :)
    I understand what it takes to handle a relationship,keep it up...