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The grass on the other side

We always look at others and the feeling of jealousy comes in us. We want what others have. We want to be where others are. Why aren't we happy for our-selves? Isn't it the simplest way of being happy?

An electric pole was standing in sun and the tree told him , "hey! you, I pity you.. You have to stand there in the sun and no one praises you nor does anyone want to stand under you.. look at me. people stand under me when they want some relief from those harsh sun rays.. he .. he.."

The pole did not think how important was it and how it gave electricity to houses and thus the fans worked.. He started feeling bad.. this bad feeling made him weak and he fell down.. This lead to power drip in so many houses but the pole was just unaware about it.. It died without understanding its worth just because it took to heart what the tree said and what he saw.. and the fans in so many houses stopped for a long time.. To add to this a new pole had to be built at the same place, because it was necessary..

I hope I do not need to explain the story..

PS : Story is my intellectual property , but I would be happy if anyone wants to reuse it somewhere..