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Sense of entitlement

There are few things we always take for granted. We expect our boss to love and respect us and we expect the same from our peers. We expect our boss not to be bossy. We do a little on our part and expect to get promotion for the same. These expectations are called sense of entitlement.

Why is it bad ?

Boss can be bossy at times because after all he is your boss. Not all the peers will like you because at work you are more of a competitor than friends. A little work will not get you a huge hike or a promotion because you are expected to do more. When all these things do not fit into the place you will surely be angry or disappointed. This anger or disappointment will be bad.

What do we need to to understand ?

1.Colleagues will never really appreciate two things :

a. Your long leaves

b. Your success or luck

2.Boss will never reward you for your little contribution, he might not even notice it.

3.Your perception will define your success.

Still feel you are entitled to something, think again. 

Your not entitled to anything, you have to earn it.