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Har ek friend zaroori hota hai

The latest buzz in market ..oops I should not say 'market'.. in our heart, soul and mind is the jingle created by airtel.. Jaise har ek friend zaroori hota hai..

Why has it caught attention of millions? Isn't it simple : they have targeted the right emotions, every friend will love to dedicate this to his/her friend.

While I was thinking of writing this post tears were rolling down my eyes. All of my friends and the time spend with them was flashing right before my eyes.

But today I am not so happy about the friends I DO NOT have around me. I DO NOT have them around me for some or the other reasons. Some got married and some went abroad. Some stopped talking for some reasons and I do not know about some others. But thanks to various mediums I am still in touch with them. Today when I left my office the only thought in my mind was "I wish I had a friend to whom I could say PLEASE DROP ME HOME TODAY, I AM NOT WELL" But well , I do not have one.

Do you have a friend whom you can call at the middle of night and say how are you feeling? Do you have a friend for every occasion? If you truly do, you are lucky! Thank God for giving you such a precious gift.

I am thankful to Him for giving me all the precious jewels who are reading this!

I have lost to say, but perhaps not today.

Har ek friend zaroori hai yaar. Let the light of friendship shine.

Cheers to beautiful life which would have been colourless without friends!  


  1. So very True! I was thinking about the same stuff recently and glad that I had few friends whom I could still ask all these things :-)

  2. :) I too am glad to have good friends around me. The only thing is as we grow up our responsibilities increase and understanding too..and so sometimes heart wants to go back to those super carefree days ..

  3. its really true facts :)
    Har ek friend zaroori hai yaar.

  4. Yes Manish you never know who will help you and who might need you :)

  5. har ek friend zaroori hota hai. Chat Room friend koi classroom friend.