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Life is short

It was Valentine's night, yes the day was over. A newly 'formed' couple went out to a nice little place to have Chinese. It was there first date. The guy asked his lady, "What will you like to have?". She replied, "Schezwan noodles". She has a concept in mind about eating out. If two people went out they will order two things and then share it or may be sometimes three things too. She thought this is the Indian way of thinking. To her surprise the guy ordered TWO Schezwan noodles. This was THE END. She was sure the relationship would not go on for more than a couple of such dates. Dinner was done and they went to there own ways.

At some other fast-food joint was another newly 'formed' couple. They probably shared pizza, burgers and coke. The girl kissed the guy good bye and they went to there ways.

Both the girls met right outside there flat smiling at each other. The time was 11:30. They probably expected more from their dates. More of understanding, more similarity and more appreciation. 

PS : The first girl had specially bought an nice red shirt for this day and the guy laughed at her saying "I really do not understand why do people wear red on this day!". The second girl was looking stunning in a nicely fitted black dress and the guy said "Do you want to show you are single by wearing black today?"

So as they looked at each other they understood each other. Being in a DRY STATE they had just one option : Go out and enjoy some tea. As they went to the tea shop they saw two of their friends there. Both the guys greeted the girls warmly with two compliments they had been longing to hear : "You look like a princess in that red dress!" and "That black dress is stunning!" All four of them had tea and it was 12:00 at night. They shared puffs, maska bun and Parle G. The smile was back on the girls face. 

Even though the smile was back because of the other guys the girls never tried to TELL what they wanted from the relationship of their boyfriends (now ex) and the guys never tried to UNDERSTAND what the girls wanted.  

When you do not have a date you understand the importance of company. So next time when you see your date in an awesome dress compliment her, make her smile and let her talk. And girls give time and tell the guy what you EXACTLY want because guys do not read between the lines. 

Life is short. Live it , know it while you still have it.

Cheers to beautiful life.

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