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Soon to be 24 and few things I know for sure

Soon to be 24 means 2 days to go and I will be a year older. We spend our lives understanding ourselves along with understanding the world. We understand somethings very early while others take time and still no one knows if a person is able to understand herself completely before reaching the final destination.

So far I have understood few definite things about me.

1. I hate people who make sound while eating.
2. I hate people who pass bad comments on some one's dressing or come and give unsolicited advice (Except the people from what not to wear)
3. I love dancing and it takes me to trance.
4. I keep on thinking about something or the other while I am walking and so I look kind of lost.

Well the list will go on and on.. But this blog is intended to be mostly about appearance.

As a kid my parents never advised me on dressing. I used to wear whatever I liked. I watched too many shows and had understood the concept of dress for the occasion. (To add to it I had got a lecture about dress for the occasion from my brother while I was in 6th standard)

The point is I am ME and I CANNOT dress for you and if there is anyone I can dress for it is just ME :)

I love all kinds of clothes and as we say dress according to the occasion, place and time I believe in wearing a swim wear at beach (No I am not talking about porbandar read it as GOA or some awesome beaches where one can actually swim). I will wear a saree on Diwali, Holi Puja and other such festivals, Chania choli for navratri and sangeets in marriages, Capri/shorts/shirts on normal days and jeans/formals whatever is the dress code at work. Yes I missed Salwar kameez, it depends on mood, I will wear it when I feel like. But I will like to do all this according to my wish and not because I am told to.

For guys it is simple and they do not have much to think while they dress. But trust me guys it means a world to girls and stopping them from expressing themselves is not fair. I believe not many girls nag for their guys clothes on or off;)

Anyways I have understood that I am a rebel if you order me. I will do the complete opposite in some cases and might be not in others. I bottom line is if this is my life let me live it my way of I won't let you live it your way.

P.S : Luckily I have a person who does not order, ask or expect things from me. He know, believes and is secure about the way I project myself.

Here is the song I danced on this morning. Enjoy !!