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Soon to be 24 & this is all I know about me

A person has so many personalities inside herself. Most of the people either eventually discover which one is dominating or they force themselves to fit into one. But there are third kind of people who are confused. 

I have heard many people saying that they do not have a dark side. I really do not know, I really do not understand and I really do not believe in this. I have known myself for 21 years (I do not remember much of the first 2 years of my life) and still I do not know what is my personality.

I have seen goths only on tv, I have seen some crazy pierced and tattooed people and I have seen some bubbly, charming talkative people. Then there are some competitive ones, some who talk less , some who are lost in their own world and some big time gossipers. I am sure many of you will easily classify yourself in one of these categories or may be you would be sure of your type.

I on the other side think I have many types of personalities in me and all are dominating at different point of time. I love to be Goth, the makeup the music and the calmness that they have. There was a point of time when I had only black and grey clothes. But then with time I felt more colourful. I started liking PINK! I could not believe it. Then I discovered that though I was very talkative, I loved to be quite and a 9 day of silence proved it. I love non-violence but still there are people I have hit (with reasons of course) and well, I am a hard hitter.

So I believe my journey to find myself is still on. I hope one day I will find myself. In the end I just want to know is it just me or you too are in search of yourself?? 

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