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Cleaning the clutter

"Eliminate physical clutter. More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter." D.H. Mondfleur 

My weekend was pretty busy. I decided to do some cleaning! I thought, ‘how long can it take to clean such a small room?!’.. But well, what was I thinking?? I started at 10:30 a.m. and the cleaning went on till 1:30 p.m.

Cleaning the clutter takes you back in to the memory lane. . . Reminding you of memories buried deep down. As I opened my cupboard, I found old dairies, notes and chocolate wrappers.. Some lines now looked so deep that I was wondering..’My, my..Did I write that!!’ But well yes, I did J

As I was going through some old stuff I realized I was hoarding a lot of baggage which I need to let go.
Letting go is one difficult thing. When you prepare your heart to let something go the pain, the burden is enormous. It is like letting go a part of you. As difficult as it might be, once done you feel very light and yes, you create some space for new things. That is life, pain; holding on to old things gives us pain, burden and nothing else. On the other hand letting it go can make you a happier person. After all life is about moving on, on fastrack :P

When I was done cleaning and walking down the memory lane; I prepared my heart to say good bye to the old stuff which needed to go. Once it was gone, I was happy.

Understand: Life is about cleaning your clutter, moving on, leaving the baggage behind and looking forward. Do not hold to the things which might make you sad, be it relationships, people, things.. Or you will always walk with a burden which will tire you in long run, will make you slow and will never let you feel light and happy.

Hope you take time to clean your clutter soon J