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Love is all you need

I crave a love so deep that the ocean will be jealous ♥

When I hear someone saying this is "true love" I wonder.. "True love" ?? Now, what is true love? Is love true and fake? For me love is love.

Sometime back a friend tweeted "You do not fall in love, you rise in love!"

My instant reaction was "YES" and so I retweeted and replied and hence a little long conversation started.

There is a lot said about love, there are quotes, stories, novels and movies and what not! Still, we have a lot more to say, a lot more to express and a lot more to feel.

Well, when a topic is raised there are arguments and counter-arguments, it is the same with love.

What is love?
The question itself is complicated and then we have come up with yet another concept "True Love"
We also try to classify if love is good or bad.
I feel love cannot be bad, destructive or harmful. It is the combination of other feelings along with love which make it negative. (jealousy, lust etc)

Love to me:

When I get up; when I open my eyes,
My only wish is to see you sleeping beside,
Every day of my life, I want to start with a kiss;
I know that same is your wish,
For the rest of my life having tea in the same mug;
When we depart to meet again a tight hug,
Except you, there are no thoughts at all
Being with you I have realised,
Love is where you can only rise,
When you get drowned in it and let yourself have a free fall.

People might say that love is blind, but I  know love sees and just doesn't mind! ~ Sam

The love song I am playing on loop

You're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one i wanna marry. cuz your the
1 4 me and im the 1 4 take the both of us .We're the perfect 2.

My twitter-sister @arpitaappu also has a little poem about love knocking at her door:  Love Knocked on my Heart

Share your thoughts on love!

Cheers to the beautiful life!