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Turning 25!! Silver jubilee of life ;)

Though turning 24, 25 or 26 is not a big deal because every day of life has to be a celebration. Still, I love this ‘the day’ because well, yeah I arrived at this lovely planet to meet you all on this day J

Here are 25 things about life as I turn 25!

  1. Life is beautiful” – This is my favourite quote and I believe in it.
  2. Everything is possible if there are hope and faith.
  3. If something doesn't go right even if you have given it your best, it is God’s way of saying, “No, not now!”
  4. If you love it, you’ll find a way to do it.
  5. Travelling makes you richer at heart.
  6. People you meet, people you interact with have an impact on you which is more than one.
  7. You won’t be always right. But then no one is.
  8. Taking up the challenge to overcome your fear can make you realize that there was no reason to be afraid anyway.
  9. Do not suppress yourself; do not try to change, not even in a relationship. Because one day your true self will come out and you will not know what to do.
  10. If you think an incident didn't teach you anything, you are wrong. Retrospect!
  11. You don’t have to worry about what others think. All you need to understand is how you feel about ‘it’.
  12. No one is self-made. People who helped you to be where you are should always be given the credit.
  13. Magical things grow out of unlikely beginnings.
  14. Everyone feels low at some point. Don’t be afraid of shedding some tears. Remember, bounce back!
  15. Follow the ones who inspire and be friends with the one who is positive.
  16. If you cannot help someone say goodbye to their negativity, restrain yourself to ‘hi-hello’.
  17. Life is a cake-walk for someone, is a myth.
  18. If you don’t tell them what you want, they’ll not know.
  19. Wasting your time talking about other people, leads to wasting of the amazing ideas which would have come into your mind if you were not gossiping.
  20. You are movies you watch, songs you listen, books you read and the food you eat. Almost.
  21. Food is an expression of love <3
  22. Gratitude is more important than attitude.
  23. Life isn't very simple but again you are not supposed to solve the math puzzle at every step.
  24. Nothing comes for ‘Free’, never.
  25. Things happen when they are least expected.

This is what I've learned and well, there is a lot to learn. I met all of you somewhere somehow in these 25 years and I’m grateful to each one of you J

Yes!! It is time to party Ganagnam Style J

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  1. I think you are a sweet sweet girl:)
    Much love to you as you celebrate your birthday!

  2. heyy sammy,happy budday to you..may to live happily ever after :) god bless :) *hugs*