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Tweet it right baby!

There is a way of using twitter effectively than just tweeting random stuff! Read on to know more..

I love twitterverse (Check out the pic at the end and you'll know) and there is a reason to it. If you have read my 5 people who made me love twitter you will understand how without right guidance and communication on twitter either you end up quitting twiiter or use it in totally wrong way.
Life in twitterverse

5 important things about twitter:

Hey I just followed you and this is crazy, here’s my DM reply me may be: Sending a DM right after getting a followback is not a good practice. It is better to have some tweet to tweet talk before opting for DMs.
**Statuary warning: DM after followback can be irritating and can lead to unfollow or block!

Following each other doesn't mean you are friends (read long lost friends): Communication is the key. Following someone doesn't make him/her your friend. It needs “right” kind of communication, sharing, mutual respect and “x-factor” (the friendship might or might not click without any reason) to become friends.

Read my blog mentions: Some relations are just limited to “Read my #newpost” requests. Sharing is good, it is the base of blogging life but just share-my-content or read-my-content requests are irritating and can showcase you in a totally wrong way. It is always good to initiate some conversation too.

It’s not about holding on, it’s about moving on: If someone does not want to communicate, don’t force. You can ask once or may be twice and when it doesn’t work be a grown up and move on. The twitterverse is vast and there are many more twiends still waiting for you to find them J

Your tweet is valuable: Instead of tweeting anything, filling the TL with #Drunkedtweets on weekends and just vending out negative feeling use twitter to share something “Share-worthy”. There is so much of important and really good content out there which can lift your moods, help someone’s business or can do some good, go ahead share that!

So what do you think is important to be a good tweeter? J

Happy tweeting!
Happy blogging!
Cheers to beautiful life J