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Bangalore (or any other city) for women

It is always great to see that people come up with initiatives for building a safer city for women.

Flash news:
Today I read that now Khap won’t allow jeans and t-shirts for girls, huh nothing new isn’t it. After all they are the people who can justify rape too!

The Sad Truth:
While I was growing up I was told to be different. Different than my brother. I was suppose to be home early. This concept was very acceptable and seemed ‘okay’. Today as I look back I see the problem lies right there. We as women are TOLD that we can or cannot do certain things and when we do otherwise any outcome is something we have called upon us by our actions!

From Porbandar to Rajkot to Ahmedabad to Mysore to Bangalore:
Nothing, means nothing is different. Same set of eve-teasers, same abusing guys in nooks and corners and well same attitude. I have been in trouble a couple of times here in Bangalore just the way I was in Rajkot.
Here are the links to the incidents Bus trouble, On the wayback home.

Bangalore for women:
Yes! I would say it is ‘comparatively’ safer to say ummm.. Delhi! But safety on comparative terms isn’t effective way of measurement, is it?

What we need?
We need ‘men’ to understand the value of women! (now that is generic and far from possible in many ways)
All the guys who are up for the cause are in some way better than the ones who are not. But everyone is biased in some way or the other. Protection is women has become a bigger point while taking ‘revenge’ (I mean literally) from the culprit isn’t that important, nor is teaching lesson or well STOPPING it.

I Pray For A Better & Safer City To Live
For That I Would Give Whatever I can Give!