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Managing your diabetes is not science, it's an art!
There was a time when I used to walk 120 minutes daily! Now it is come down to as low as 15 minutes per day. I wonder how much do we walk. If we had a choice will we walk at all? Who knows!!
Our lifestyle is leading us to many and more diseases every day. Let’s talk about the most common of them: Diabetes!
I just took a 6 seconds test and realised I’m at a very low risk of diabetes. 
About the 6 seconds test:
Janacare, are building an online diabetes prevention program (called the Habits Program) to enable pre-diabetics achieve healthier lifestyle habits and avoid full-blown type II diabetes.
As part of this effort, photokatha (@photokatha) is conducting an online experiment called ”Sugarscore“ to understand India’s Diabetes risk. Sugarscore is a six second survey that will help you understand your risk for Diabetes. The user basically goes to  and quickly answers five questions (age, gender, waist size, physical activity levels and family history of diabetes) to get his or her Sugarscore.
Take this survey>> @
At the end of six seconds, you have to leave your mail address (check the image) to be eligible to win one of the cool goodies every week.

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Did you know: 

  • Diabetes kills one person every 8 second!
  • Excess weight is the single biggest risk for developing diabetes.
  • 150 minutes of brisk physical activity per week can reduce Type 2 Diabetes risk significantly

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  1. nice post Sneha.
    Atleast you walk 15 mins Im down to 0:(