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Battle of sexes? Nope! Let’s talk RIGHT

The little girl was playing with food bowl. She carried it to her dad and grandmother said, “Good she is preparing herself for future!”
Which future I wonder!
Who are we to define a two-year-old’s future?
Yes! We are nobody to decide. We have no business here.

Root Cause?

Mothers! Ah mothers love their kids so much.. they want the best for them. Still most of moms who are inclined towards their sons or well, have only sons tend to do something terrible, a well.. out of love though.. They train them to be dependent. They train them NOT to cook. The sister is taught cooking even if she is younger and the brother eats.. ummm..mostly..

The result:

When you get into a relationship or marriage … being a girl you are EXPECTED to cook and TAKE CARE of the household.

I wonder who made this rule.
I know.. I know.. you will things are changing and all that bull-shit…Or may be things are better than they were..
But is that all we want? I mean.. BETTER that is all we aim for?
Damn! Nope.. Hell no.. We should aim for what is right.. That is what we should aim for..

Dear Mothers
Don’t train your son to eat delicacies, train to cook some. Don’t make them feel it is their right to GET things and kitchen is a place of female domination. Tell them their Dad is WRONG in not helping you in your household duties. Tell them how difficult it has been for you to manage. Once in a while instead of feeding them with aloo parathas ask them to make some rotis for you. Teach them what is RIGHT and not what has been going on since generations.

A girl on the other hand gets soooo used to doing all the stuff that she thinks she can be a super-woman.  She is made to believe that she is supposed to do it all and that she has to be perfect. She is told that she is the one who has to balance work and family. She is supposed to do it without asking WHY!

Let me ask you WHY? Please leave your answer in the comment… If you are a guy and you can make decent rotis- I respect you, I <3 you!! J