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Cheat sheet to ladybug/ladybird nails

Beautiful nail art can be simple if you cheat a little :)

You do not need to do it all with nail polish..

For your lady bird/lady bug nails you will need

  1. Nail paint (red, blue and transparent)
  2. Black marker
  3. Red and white poster colours
Simple steps!

1. Remove your old nail colour with nail paint remover
2. Paint the base coat
3. Use the marker to draw the dots on all the other nails except one
4. Draw lady bug/lady bird outline with the marker
5. Fill it with red poster colour and make two dots for eyes with white one
6. Add black dots and outlines
7. Let it dry and then apply the transparent coat and voila! You have managed to paint lady bug nails!

Do not do layers after layers..let your paint dry every time before you apply a new coat :)

Have fun!!

This is what I did on this pleasant sunday evening, what did you do?