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The girl-boy thing


I know I have not posted anything since a long long time but any excuse is not going to be good. I was lazy and now once again I am here to share something.

Relationships are complicated and I know no one can understand them completely but who said we actually need to understand them?

I am a life coach but that does not mean I will be guiding you on 'How to have a successful girl-boy relationship'

Oh yes I said 'girl-boy' and not a love affair..

Many might think I am writing from my experience but you will never know;)

Just Friends : A famous Hindi movie dialogue goes 'Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte' (A guy and a girl can never be just friends) and even though we ignore this almost every time one of the two tends to cross the line.

What to do when this happens: Things may or may not be the same once this has happened but still ask yourself these questions..

1) Can there be really something between us?
2) Should I give it a shot?

You might think this is an insane advise but duh you should really consider because there is a spark and life is about taking chances. It might not work but then everyone is going to move on.

Now if your answer to both these question is NO. Don't worry you have been wise and you know what is right for you. Now if the other person still wants to be your friend try to be 'you' and things will be fine.

What is you are the one who likes his/her friend?!!!!

Okay Okay so there is a possibility of this too and hell don't feel as if you are screwed... Let that person read my blog and ask him/her to consider the part one of this post:P Okay again kidding.. but you may still take a shot:))

Ah, so now it is you who likes someone and that someone happens to be you buddy.

Now lets consider you have not expressed the feelings.

In this case its going to be simple. Just wait and things will fall into right place.

If you have blabbered what you feel..its going to be awkward.. for both of you.

Now all you can do is answer the following questions:

!) Am I satisfied that I told him/her and now I know the fact and I can move on?
2) Can we be just friends?

If your answer is yes good you just need some time.. If your answer is no then WAKE-UP or just shoot me a mail with your problem!!

There is nothing wrong in falling in love with a friend... there is nothing wrong in falling in love and there is nothing wrong in falling in love again and again...

Its all normal...

The most important thing is to love yourself and be faithful to your heart...


Cheers to beautiful life


  1. whatever relation you might fall in, friendship or love, just live it for the time being and capture all those lovely memories to cherish later... :)

  2. :):) Every moment is special :):)