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Better half is detachable for a reason

I believe there is nothing called small town mentality. Its all within you and your thoughts define you better than the place you live, the city you belong or the country you are from. I have noticed that there is typical behavioral pattern of couples which leads them to a path of destroying each other's individual existence.

Sacrifice: Ah the word which makes some people jump off the seat shouting 'its my life I wont ever sacrifice' and then making others do it. There is no way in which a lot of sacrifices can make a beautiful and strong relationship. But when I say don't expect a guy to leave all his friends for you and don't do the same thing yourself half of you will agree that this really does not happen. Some people are not even comfortable with the thought of spouse-not-sacrificing. If you are one of them you are never going to be happy. When you give space you get space. Or if that is not good enough five double the space you will get back at least half and while you do that understand you are giving space at your will and you would not brag on how hard it was for you to do so. Do what makes you feel happy.

Love you conditionally : There are many couple who follow this statement. You should wear this you should do that, you should come with me etc. The one who puts forth the conditions will feel bad one day and the one who keeps on obeying the rules will explode one day and the end would be really horrible. Be clear in you mind about what you want and can you get that or not. Don't let the conditions suck away all the nectar from the relationship.

Always remember there are more people in this world except you two. Life will be monotonous if you do not go out with your friends, if you do not spend some time without each other and drag each other into every thing you do.

Understand if you can watch your favorite shows your better-half can too. If you have friends your spouse will have too. If you socialize with colleagues the other-half will. No one can stop no one from using social networks and no one can stop no one from attending solo-functions. If you do not understand this you might never taste the sweetness of life fully.

First love yourself , be happy with yourself and set your love free. This will make you the #happy bird...

Better half is detachable for a reason:)