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5 People who made me love twitter

I am relatively new on twitter. Though I had created my account in 2009, I actually started using it about 2 months back. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, I was told to explore twitter for social media marketing by my CEO.
When I came in I was looking for methods of gaining followers and promoting a brand but it took me very less amount of time to understand that is not how twitter works. Its never about gaining followers, it is about connecting to people, reading and understanding, sharing and thus growing as a person.

At first the only people I followed on twitter were the ones I knew from college or school and I discovered they were not so active. No one ever re-tweeted or even mentioned and so it felt like I was talking to the still air (oh yes because even wind makes some noise).

Then I started following . I know him through a small professional network site I work for He is one of the best contributor to the site and brings smiles to the face of fellow professionals along with sharing knowledge. This guy re-tweeted, favorites and gave mentions. He re-tweeted stuff shared by  so frequently that I became her fan(Yes fan is the word) and so I followed her.

If you follow  religiously you will find so many tips about using social media, links to so many awesome blogs and lots of inspiration as well as pinspiration. When I saw the number of people following her I was surprised at first but then if you follow her you just know why is that number so high.

I was virtually introduced to  in one such link by AnnTran along with a few others. In Twitter powerhouses series  he writes about fellow tweeps (everyone mentioned in the series is a source of inspiration so you can follow them if you feel like). It shows how a person has taken time out to understand people he met in the virtual world of twitter and how he managed to connect with everyone. 

Along with that I started using # tag and tweeted about the on going trends and there I met . He is the first person out of my friend circle or people I know who followed me first and I followed back. (Otherwise it was mostly me following people and some of them following back)A rocking guy I must say. He like me feels like he is talking in air when he does not get mentions. Same pinch !!  rocks for his courteous behavior, willingness to reply tweets and enthusiasm he shows when we share stuff with him. 

Through  I met @Arpitaappu who again is a fun loving girl and is in same profession as me . She writes wonderful poems and tries to connect with everyone by mentioning them. Three of us always have a nice time having a little chit chat almost every day which is very refreshing. I see this friendship going a long way. As we stay in the same city we might plan to meet up and have some good time soon. (See its not just virtual you can meet your twitter friends if you want to)

In short when I had joined twitter for the first time I knew nothing about this little universe inside my computer and it bored me but when I came back I met so many interesting people who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and help people around them . These are the people who have made me feel good, who have exposed me to so many good blogs, links and those awesome breath-taking pictures. I am thankful to you all for being there to make me realize that I am not talking in air and I should stay and enjoy twitter:)
Of course there are many more of them out there.. I would love to introduce them in my next blog. Till then cheers to beautiful life.


I met  @Arpitaappu  and @In_theBRAT and it was amazing :)