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6 steps to happiness

Happiness is not just state of mind, it is state of heart and soul

1. Create : You saw that DIY on pinterest, or on a blog or anywhere.. you liked it? Try it..The outcome might not be as beautiful as the picture you saw but this will definitely give you sense of achievement..and a smile. And if it turns out good, that is a bonus! Share it with others, share your smile and you will be happy.

There is nothing wrong in trying :)
2. Socialize : Yes, in today's world we all do it. But the key is to socialize with right people, full of life, positivity and that glow will makes us glow too. My mother always told me if you want to feel good,  be with positive people. When I say socialize, I do not mean only on networking sites. Go out, meet people, connect, share and most importantly observe and listen.
A sweet poem about friend : A friend, an angel by @Arpitaappu

3. Gift yourself a little something once in a while : It can be a holiday, a spa treatment, a nice meal at your favorite food joint or just an ice cream. The size or gift does not matter, the important thing is it should give you that #FeelGood factor.

Sweet Pleasure
4. Walk : Or better walk in the rain:) Walking calms you, it fights depression and makes you healthy too. Here is my pinterest board of "Lets walk".. You will feel happy by looking at the photos too:)
Photograph by urban prairie

5. Look at old photographs : Photographs are the happy moments that we capture and looking at them reminds us of that happiness. Maybe it will tempt you to call an old friend and here you go : happiness multiplied :)

1yr old Me :)
5. Do not stop yourself from expressing good feelings : Feel like singing: sing, feel like jumping: jump, dance, laugh, scream your joy out. We hardly think before expressing our anger then why should we think before expressing our happiness? Things need to be other way round. Sometimes the place might not permit you to express freely at that time just text your happiness to a loved one.

Sometimes happiness is right outside your window, you just need to look out:)

So what makes you happy?

Cheers to beautiful life:)