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Happiness multiplies by spreading

"The reflection of the Sun on my window"
 Every morning is a message from the universe that you have one more day to shine. Make  the most of it.

"When it was raining"
If rain cannot bring a smile to your face, its time to look for the lost child inside you.

Bannerghatta National park bangalore
Love, care and affection is an emotion beyond just human..

"Sparkling wine"
A good wine can always life you mood.. :)

Books are little bundles of joy..

If you do not enjoy reading perhaps you are doing it wrong - Unknown

"Love in nature"
Love is everywhere , sometimes you need to close your eyes and open your heat to see it..

Up you go and light you become..
leave your worries and see the joy come..
Everyone is struggling you are not the only one..
Still life is about surviving
Life is about having fun...

Keep calm and eat cake

Masala Chai (tea): without this the journey of life is incomplete..

When the sun sets.. take a moment and have a look at it.. fell the peace and move on... I love doing that:)

Make a wish , pray a bit.. thank for all you have  and share a smile!
"Find happiness in everything, fruit, flowers, and more"
I am not crazy, I just love to smile, share ..if you don't do that you haven't lived up to your potential !

Cheers to beautiful life..spread smiles
Quotes and Photography by Sneha Mehta :)