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My first glass of Sparkling Wine

I read somewhere that if I collaborate all the tweets about one topic in a day I can write a book in a day! Of course I am not going to write a book but here I want to give some useful information.

Understanding wine in one post is definitely impossible. It involves lots of trial and error and finally success.

First of all I am thankful to @smqueue
 for the tweet "3 Ways to View Your Old Tweets" which allowed me to check out my old posts about wine!

Of course until you do not try some you will never know what is good and what is bad. But then again the first question that bothers us is "Can I invest a lot of money in buying a wine when I do not have any idea on how to choose?"

Reflection on the Wine Glass
How to choose the best wine : Choosing the best win is one of the most difficult task. You need to understand your choice as well as what is good and you need to buy something which is the combination of both. This won't be an easy task but once you master this you will be happy to sip some fine wine and draw pleasure from it.

Top 5 Red Wines for Spring :  Its spring and how wonderful will it be if someone could suggest you the names of the wines perfect for the season? Check out the list!

How about a Wine Tour of India?  Nandi hills & Nashik are the best places to have a fine wine tour in India:)

Does a Wine’s Price tag Affect its Taste? What would be your answer to this question? Just click the link and find your answer. 

Sunday brunch can be special with some wonderful wines : Again I am giving out some names, Hope you will like them 

If you are on Pinterest here is an pinteresting fact: Top 10 boards about Wine 

"Beer is made by men, wine by God!" --- Martin Luther

Cheers to beautiful life!!