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Nandi hills - a trip above the clouds

I haven't seen the cloud nine but Nandi hills is absolutely above it!

Some 60kms from Bangalore is a little heaven on mountains, it is called Nandi Hills. One fine night we decided to gear up and ride our way to this beautiful place!
Here is my story!!
Very very early in the morning we reached, it was too dark..the ride had been amazing!

The sky was extremely beautiful, the place crowded and yes, every other person like me wanted to click the best picture of the rising sun....
Then it turned a little dark...

Finally! Mesmerized by the beauty of nature...
Then we took a round of the place and clicked clicked and clicked more ;)

Sometimes it is okay to break some rules..

As I look at the peak of the mountain..I'm lost ...

As we came down, we were surprised..we hadn't seen any of this on our way up..yeah it was too dark!

It is FUN!

Nandi hills: 60kms from Bangalore
How to reach: Bikes,cars and taxis are the best option
What is it: Well, it is a temple but it is more famous for the surreal beauty.
Leave at around 2-2:30am and you might reach there on time, do check the time of sunrise though!

Where did you go last time to have some fun?