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Understanding twitter – For those who are alien to the twitterverse

I tweet therefore I am!

For a ‘twitterholic’ like me twitter is a virtual home. It’s a place where I have built relationships and understood a lot about life, people, places, and what not.

When someone tells me “I’m not a 140 chars person” or even worse things like “Why would I talk with random strangers on web”, a part of me sighs!

So I’m going to talk about 3 basics of twitter, there are many which I’ll keep on sharing later J

About 140 chars: Who doesn’t love short statements and if you can’t sum something up in few words you haven’t understood it well enough. You can tell a story in 140 chars! I’m not a man of few words is just a myth. Give it a try and you’ll see inspiration comes through few words and not many paragraphs. Also who has time for longer stories?!

Meeting strangers: Every single person you know practically was a stranger once. Even the ones we know turn out to be frauds or two-faced. Meeting someone virtually is same as meeting someone at a park, at school/college/work or a conference. This space just widens your possibilities.

I’m insecure: Don’t know what for! Well, security threats are always going to be there. No matter where you are you are always at risk. So that is just not a reason!

If you have anymore doubts always feel free to ask!


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