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A walk with a stranger

A walk with a stranger

I am a kind of person who has been guyzoned, sometimes desired, a lot of times proposed and a lot of times told that I must change my way of behaviour because it can send wrong signals. Well we can never alter our basic nature and my basic nature is super frank, friendly a bit helpful and well.. I carry my smile everywhere I go.. (ha ha that is me for you :P)

Strange life..we walk with strangers and become friends and we walk away from friends and become stranger.

I met him with all my enthusiasm , a stranger .I was thrilled..excited .. happy in a different way. We had only spoken on phone and yet I felt connected. Meeting could have changed it all.. and well it did. That meeting with the stranger was perfect and happiest moment of my life..

I was walking and someone asked me the way... I din't look I was typing some message all I said was. "Come"..and kept on walking..He followed..Once my messaging work was over I looked at him. I thought he was young and fit enough to match my pace. He thought I belonged to that place..Well he was wrong its just I am an explorer and that is the reason I knew all the routes.. As we started talking it came out that he was suppose to meet someone and he was from mumbai. He asked me what I did and I told him , in haphazard manner that I write and do social media marketing. Then it was my turn to ask..I was surprised..the guy was a Tech Architect had 14yrs of experience in IT industry and was doing business since past two years!! Suddenly I realised that his breath was catching , yes he was a bit old to walk at that pace and I slowed down.. In the end we shook hands and he said I was a lively, fun person and well 'God Bless You'..

From there I was again to meet some stranger..who was going to be way different than the above two.. Again it was good. A little chat and exchange of ideas is always fun.. (Great minds discuss ideas they say :P)

Life is all about meeting strange opportunities, strange conditions, strange people and a lot of strange things not all of them make you happy .. not all of them make you smile.. Strangely some unexpected stranger can change it all and the strangeness vanishes.. Strange but true!

How has been your meeting with strangers??  <let me be clear stranger is not equal to a blind date!!!>

P.S : Meet strangers at your own risk.. I too am one :))