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Romance in the air??

Sometimes you just feel Happiness surrounding and the romance in the air. Recently I read somewhere that you cannot spell R-O-M-A-N-C-T-I-C with out a M-A-N.. Funny I thought:):)

When we are kids we know nothing about what exactly this feeling is. With time we learn. MTFL>> My true first love.. may be true for some and not for others but with the course of time we meet many people and have different feelings about them. Some feelings that we suppress and some that we express.

I still remember my first crush!! Derek o'brien !! One brainy still good looking guy who hosted Bournvita quiz contest. This was followed by Ajay Jadeja, Milind soman, Arjun Rampal, Bhaichung Bhutia, someone from school and some neighbour and brother's friend and so on:) Initially it is sweet, you smile , you blush and have that adrenaline gush...its just beautiful and then with time it either goes or increases. If it goes well and good but if it stays complications begin. Then you check whether it is mutual or not and if it is then would you like to take it forward or not and if you take it forward and things become serious how long will they go on etc etc counts:)

But still feeling that romance in the air is an amazing feeling. Today I have nothing more to say.

Romance is good when it makes you glow, don't waste your time in relationships that make you feel low. - Sam

May favorite line : Hey I know you, I have walked with you in my dreams :)

A song which has stung me and is making me smile again and again...

" O boy O boy you have made me mad
I am love head over heels all over again
Expressing the feelings is hard and yes I am afraid
But I want to hold your hand and walk in the rain
Why don't you feel it and take the lead instead
Ask me out and make me smile and release my pain "
-  Sam

My Romance board : Love You Forever

Have you felt that gush,  that romance in the air for no reason? Something which made you smile still you couldn't figure out what...:):)
That is an amazing feeling, trust me!!