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Finding your inner-self

MY 10 days in silence!!

For all who know me might be surprised seeing the title. 10 days in silence!! This girl can't stay mum for  minute.. Yes, I love talking and singing and even jumping but once I had a chance to stay silent for 10 days and those 10 days changed a lot.

Depression comes in without knocking and sometimes its right there inside you feeding on you, growing on you and trying to crack the walls of your belief and break you. But those who can heal the cracks and paint their souls again are the winners..

I had just completed my class 12th and had a lot of free time in hand before the results. I decided to go and attend a Vipashyana camp. I was hoping to go there since class 6 and finally I had a chance! So I called them up, reserved my seat, packed my bags and was ready to go out alone without a cell phone or a book or any cosmetic or even a diary or eatables. When I reached there I got a chance to talk to few others who like me were ready to explore their inner-self..and then *poof* our speaking rights were taken along with all the valuables and money! Thus began a new journey.

The days passed in meditation and a strict routine. Initially it was okay but then it started becoming difficult. For how long can you chat with yourself after all. I even slept off in one specific dark room meditation. (Well you are alone in a dark room, you have a mattress, how can you resist that temptation) Whenever I use to see anyone else I would fold my arms and smile and they would reciprocate. All this and no dinner!

There were moments when I wanted to run away, there were nights I could not sleep, there was time I said , "I don't want to eat this food"..But then there were moments when I feel peace, I could feel change and I could feel the happiness everywhere:):)

I dint realize that 10 days passed so quickly. I had learned a lot and even though I had not spoken with the people there, there was strong connection and we cried when we exchanged good byes.

What did I learn :

  • See, feel but do not react. 
  • Send the positive vibes to each and everyone you know and they will come back to you. 
  • Anger is not the solution nor is it avoidable every time but take a deep breath and answer "Is it worth it?"
  • We are born every sec as a tissue in us dies and new is formed.
  • We have chance to change from the moment we want to.
  • The power to change is within.


If you want to know anything more about the meditation or my stay at this camp, I would love to answer:)