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Step 1 to Online marketing career

Online marketing

India : There are two types of companies
1. Where they believe work should be fun
2. formal , strict and nothing new

If you are looking for social media career filled with happiness first step would be to find the companies falling in 1st category. Quite a task I would say.

Now if you are a fresher in this field and have no related degree then there has to something you need to know.

1. You should be super social
2. You should read and understand how soical media works
3. You should be genuinely interested

Trust me if the point 3 is true for you 1 and 2 are going to come on their own.

Remember : Begginers have it hard.

Your compensation will not be so high in the start but with the time it wil rise significantly if you are really good.

What should you learns for starters:
1. Effective mass mailing
2. How Facebook Marketing works
3. How to generate leads on twitter

You should probably have your own blog too to show on your resume.

When all this is done.. go out on to the job portals search for the key words and start applying. Attach a nice resume which shows your true abilities. Within few days you will definitely start getting offers.

Its simple. All its needs is passion.

Cheers! If there is something more you will like to know.. just ask:)